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1. Siapakah diri anda di rumah?

Anak dan kakak kepada adik-adik

2. Siapakah diri anda disamping rakan?


3. 5 benda yang anda idamkan tetapi masih belum tercapai

- Travel to world's exotic places. (exotic bukan erotic. haha)
- Rich and famous and live happily with my husband and 2 or 3 (max) beautiful and healthy kids.
- Body hot with body fat lower than 16%
- Send my parents to perform their Hajj
- Perform Hajj

4. Siapakah nama pasangan anda?
You can refer him as H

5. Ceritakan 5 perkara yang anda paling suka tentang pasangan anda
- He understands me well
- Kind and thoughtful
- He has his way of calming and reasoning me whenever I had one of my neurotic days.
- All rounder (bukan badan round). He plays guitar and most of the sports well. Yet, he can't compete me when it comes to swimming. Hiks.
- He's sexy (at least to my eyes). Boleh? Haha. *Matilah orang muntah hijau*

6.Bila tarikh anda couple?
First time: 26.11.2002 (kot?)
2nd and 3rd time tu don't bother to remember. Hahaha.

7. Apakah kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan anda?
When we broke up.

8. Lagu tema cinta anda?
Don't have one. We're not romantic. Haha.

9. Apa perubahan yang ingin anda lihat dari pasangan anda?
Lose a bit of weight around the waist area. *Matilah lepas ni kena bambu*

Other than that, I'll accept him the way he is. Eceh.

10. Nama anda jika anda diberi peluang untuk tukar nama
Nope. I like my name.

Mangsa-mangsa tag ini adalah blog yang dilistkan seperti di side bar. Sila ambil perhatian!!.

Haha. Padan muka.
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Tag, Oh Marilah Tag Saya

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Tagged by Reena.

1)Apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?

Moose On The Loose - Why? As I explained earlier, according to dictionary the phrase "on the loose" means having escaped from somewhere, which exactly the main purpose of this blog, a place for me to be free, to escape from anything that's bounding me. Also, Moose is my nickname since high school, hence Moose On The Loose.

2) Apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea untuk menamakannya seperti itu?

http://moosetheloose.blogspot.com - Initially I want both the link and blog name to be the same but somebody had already use the url mooseontheloose so I changed it into moosetheloose, as in me; Moose is the loose-the person that writes/being loose.

3) Apakah ‘method’ penulisan dalam blog anda?

Life and everything nice (though not really) - I wrote anything! From random thought that's running through my mind, from my current relationship/life situation to pointless craps. Really, anything. Selalunya saya akan tulis dlm MS Word before publishing a certain entry, because I can be a perfectionist sometimes, where any sentences must have the correct tense, grammar and adjective. My English teacher used to tell me that you are what you wrote. Sometimes when my creative/merepek juice is running, saya akan tulis di Blogger dan publish terus. Then baru edit grammar or anything balik.

p/s: Tahukah anda bahawa MS Word 2007 ada function publish blog entry?

4) Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda? Sebabnya?

Not really - I think I've been through that phase already. This is my 2nd blog actually. The first is The Shopaholic Diaries which had undergone 3 major url changes. Now I want to finally open up (though not 100%) to my reader. I don't really care about anonymity that much right now.

5) Apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemilik blog yang tag anda ini?

Keep it real - I think Reena is a keep it real and an honest person. A quality which I truly admired. Like what she said, life is not all about rainbows and sunshine. Kadang-kadang ada ups and downs and she doesn't afraid to blog any of her downs. Seriously meluat jugak baca blog yang oh, my life is so perfect with my perfect hubby and children. Even my fucking bladder/bowel is bloody perfect. Geez, puhleez!

6) Senaraikan 5 orang yang akan anda tag.

My sister
You! (Gile mengelat, tak dapat carik 5 org)
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Tagged! (Lagi Dong)

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001. Name → Moose
002. Nickname(s)→ Moose, Mus, Kin
004. Zodiac sign → Taurus
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → Tadika Perpaduan
007. Middle School → SRK Ong Tiang Swee, SK Kg Batu, SK Dato Kayaman
008. High School → SMK Dato Sheikh Ahmad, SM Sultan Abdul Halim
009. College School → KMNS, INTEC, FH Sigmaringen
010. Hair color → Black
011. Long or short → Long
012. Loud or Quiet → Both
013. Sweats or Jeans → (Skinny) Jeans
014. Phone or Camera → Phone
015. Health freak → Sometimes
016. Drink or Smoke? → Don't drink. Smoked but only during my 'black' phase and shisha rocks!
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Yes
018. Eat or Drink → Both
019. Piercings → Ears
020. Tattoos → No. Ink is not my thang.

023. First piercing → Standard 1
024. First best friend → A cute petite girl named Tanya when I was 8
025. First award → Won the 1st place in a quiz contest when I was 6
026. First crush → A boy name Azlan or Hisyam or something. Can't recall.
027. First pet → Don't have one. My mom was against the idea of having anything that is alive (other than us, of course) when I was small. But now my sister have cats and hamsters! Talk about discrimination, huh?
028. First big vacation → When we went on a cruise with Feri Malaysia for 2 weeks.
030. First big birthday → When I was 10

#31 till #48 are missing here!

049. Eating → Nothing
050. Drinking → Herbalife shakes (I hate shakes but for the sake of losing weight! T_T)
052. I'm about to → Take a bath
053. Listening to → Some Filipino telenovela
054. Plans for today → Reads some notes in German and take care of fishes in Fish Tycoon (seriously the game is very addictive!)
055. Waiting for → A job! And a car!

058. Want kids? → No, yes. I don't know.
059. Want to get married? → Natürlich!
060. Careers in mind → A working wife and mom (if I have kids la)

068. Lips or eyes → Lips
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller. I like taller guys. The taller the better!
072. Romantic or spontaneous → A mix balance of both.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both
074. Sensitive or loud→ Both.
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → None

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes.
081. Ran away from home → No. I am Miss Goody-Goody Two Shoes
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → No.
083. Killed somebody → No!
084. Broken someone's heart → Yeah. In my defense I think it is the best for I don't want to suffer.
085. Been arrested → Nope
087. Cried when someone died → I was 12 when my maternal grandpa and paternal grandma died, but I didn't cry. Only sad.

089. Yourself → Yes
090. Miracles → Sometimes
091. Love at first sight → Not really. I use to think that love at the first sight is purely lust. I don't know, things like that never happen to me.
092. Heaven → Yes.
093. Santa Claus → Nope.
094. Tooth Fairy→ Nope.
095. Kiss on the first date → No.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yes.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Only at certain things, yes.
099. Do you believe in God → Absolutely
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people→ Ok, the usual victim; Munie, my baby sister and you, yes you!
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16 Random Facts

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Hallo readers! I'm terribly sorry for not updating the blog as frequently as possible. Blame it on the fact that I have nothing (interesting) to blog about. But now, jeng jeng finally I have something (although not really interesting) to share. This time I've been tagged by the lovely Reena

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

Geez, this is so hard.. *thinking*

  1. Until now, I (still) don't know how to apply an eyeshadow (perfectly). Well, you see I have this weird shape of eyelids that I can't or don't know how to explain it. The easiest way is to opt out the eyeshadow. Easy peasy.
  2. H (the boyfriend) and I have known each other for, let's see, 7 years. But we broke up (like, a couple of times) and patched up our differences and happy to announce that we're pretty much (more) happy this time around. Insya Allah.

  3. I can't use any of Clinique Skincare. They made my skin break out, so terrible that I had to consult a skin doctor.
  4. I never had any (major) break out before not even during puberty, but thanks to Clinique, my face used to be a field filled with zits.
  5. I swear by Olay Total Effects Moisturizer. I have a dry skin, if not very and it really moisturizes my skin effectively, hence I guess the name. (this however is not an advertorial)
  6. I only obtained my driving license at the age of 24. And my baby sister said, I drive her crazy, or at least like crazy. Something which I (totally) don't agree.
  7. Truthfully I don't really care about brand. I believe with the right amount of attitude and sense of style, a RM 5 t-shirt can look like a million bucks. But I do like LV Neverfull and Chanel 2.55 ('s design). Camno?
  8. I love Hainan Chicken Rice!

  9. Places that I would love to visit someday are Spain, Portugal, New York, Florence (again!), Bali,... and the list is endless!
  10. I am an avid kebaya nyonya lover!
  11. I also love the traditional Malay accessory- dokoh. Can anyone tell me where I can find/buy dokoh?

  12. I am so happy for my dear good friend, A who has given birth to a lovely baby girl. Congrats! It's amazing and I am lucky to have known you since we're 18 until now.
  13. I'm a straight forward kinda person. I speak my mind, (almost) all the time. If you asked my opinion about let's say a particular shirt that you like but it looks absolutely hideous and horrendous, I'm not gonna sugarcoated my words, esp. when you're someone that I care about.
  14. One of my bad habits is that I love to talk back (in Malay menjawab). It can't be help as I enjoy verbal sparring. Or maybe I'm a nature born lawyer? - Sila muntah, di luar. (Ok, I geddit, janganlah perasan) Hihi.
  15. I wish that I am rich(er).
  16. Being introduced to Paulo Coelho by a random blogger who blogs about his then-latest book; Brida, I think I'm hooked on Coelho. So far I've read three of his famous books; The Pilgrimage, The Alchemist and Like The Flowing River. I (still) can't wait to get my hands on his other books particularly Maktub, Brida and The Zahir.

And the person I wanna tag are:

  • My baby sister
  • And since I can't come up with anyone else's blog, whomever read this post, (s)he is obliged to do this tag too. Haa!
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Sepuluh. Ten. Zehn

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10 Schools you've attended.

1. Tadika Perpaduan
2. SK Jalan Ong Tiang Swee
3. SK Kg. Batu
4. SK Dato' Kayaman
5. SMK Dato Sheikh Ahmad
7. KM Kuala Pilah
9. HS Albstadt-Sigmaringen
10. Sekolah Memandu, aci?

10 of your Favourite Books.

1. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
2. The Malay Dilemma, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
3. The Pilgrimage, Paulo Coelho
4. Like The Flowing River, Paulo Coelho
5. The Surgeon, Tess Gerritsen
6. Can You Keep A Secret, Sophie Kinsella
7. A Thousand Splendid Sun, Khaled Hosseini
7. Everyone Worth Knowing, Lauren Weisberger
8. Sidney Sheldon's
9. Ransom, Danielle Steel
10. Jemima J, Jane Green

10. of your favourite Musics/Bands.

1. Spice Girls
2. Jason Mraz
3. Yuna
4. Koko Kaina, check out her YouTube's Channel here
5. Incubus
6.The Vines
7. No Doubt
8. Daughtry
9. Cranberries

10 of your favourite Movies.

1. LOTR Trilogy
2. Resident Evil 1
3. The Notebook
4. Finding Nemo
5. Infernal Affairs 1,2,3
6. Training Days
7. The Eye (Chinese Version)
8. The Departed, Leo DiCaprio's character's vulnerability is too freaking sexy to resist!
9. Shutter (Thai version)
10. Too many. Impossible to choose

10 of your favourite boybands.

Huh?? Haha.

10 of your favourite animals.

1. Hamster
2. Sheep
3. Cat
4. Dolphin
5. Crocodile
6. Butterflies
7. Orang Utan
8. Guinea Pig
9. Dog
10. Rabbit

10 things you call 'sweet'.

1. When my parents rotfl at my retarded jokes.
2. When H calling me sayang.
3. Watching old couples holding hands. It makes the most cynical person in the world even believe that love does exist.
4. To be able to spend times with the ones that I care and love.
5. When H and I able to talk about our future without literally killing each other.
6. To be praised.
7. Watching movies with friends.
8. When your parents are proud of you.
9. A sudden hug from the people i care.
10. Hands that will never let go.
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Tag..You're At It (Teil Drei)

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(Still a) Student

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
From my Pa: Don't wear anything un-ironed (Sorry Pa, sometimes I woke up just in time for me to clean myself that I always skipped this step religiously)
From my Ma: When in doubt, wear baju kurung. It never goes out of style.

Style icons?
I’ve always admired Audrey Hepburn’s chic and clean look, which was so timeless, and still relevant to this very day. And I used to resort to Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen for that homeless, bohemian and hippy look.

Personal style quirk?
I like to mismatch the colour of my shoes/handbag with the outfit that I'm wearing, like pink ballerina with black tunic or vice versa. It keeps things from getting too matchy-matchy.

Favorite designers?
Giorgio Armani for that tailored and polished look.
Chanel for chic and timeless look.

Most cherished item?
A 1970s vintage Dior clutch that I found at flea market.

I feel best wearing?
Black mascara and eyeliner.

The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist's outfit?

I always break this fashion rule:
Comfort over style.

I never break this fashion rule:
When in doubt, wear black.

Yes, but not like this, ok!

Never caught wearing?
Any camouflage pattern/printed item.
Bright neon colours

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
Good undergarments.

Dress to impress who?
No one really.

Favorite stores?
H&M for their worth for money and well edited items of trend. Zara for well tailored pants and shirts and also their fabulous shoes.

Your next "must have" purchase?
LV Neverfull GM.

I skimp when buying…

I splurge on....
Bags and shoes i.e. leather goods.

Favorite item of clothing
Currently, a pair black Zara Basic flats and mid-heels Jimmy 'made for walking running' Choo (will blog about it later, when time permits)
Eh, shoes are also categorized as clothing, right?

Guilty pleasure?
Shopping using credit card.

Currently heavy on:

Femme (Hugo Boss)
Incanto Charms (Salvatore Ferragamo)
Be Delicious (DKNY)

Most stylish city?
I'd pick Paris over London because there's a bit trashy and chavvy about how the Londoners dressed. Parisian on the other hand, always look effortlessly chic, something which I dig.

When I was in high school I wore?
During the pre-Spice Girls era, I wore lots of baggy T-shirt with brand like Billabong, Quicksilver and Converse paired with jogging pants (no prize in guessing who is my Spice Girls' idol back then)
I gradually got rid of wearing baggy shirt when I was in college.
Swimming and running. I used to do a bit of yoga and pilates before.

Favorite fashion magazine?
Elle and Glamour.

Favorite vacation spot?
Any nice beach.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Here? In Germany? None.
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15 Things You Don't (Wanna) Know About Me

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State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.

  1. I don't own/wear any white shoes except for when I was in school, it's parts of school attire btw. so it doesn't really count. I think white shoes are tacky and flashy and attract unnecessary attention to your feet.

  2. Like Reena I don't think I can utter the word Abang to the better half, or Ayang if that matters. Sayang is fine though. IMO it sounds rempit. Luckily, my boyfriend feels the same way too. No offence, people!

  3. I don't wear and doesn't like the colour pink because it doesn't compliment my skin tone. Pink also makes me feel über-girly, something which I am not.

  4. Having said that, although fashion is my passion, deep down inside I am not your typical Malay ayu, bersopan-santun, lemah-lembab lembut girl. My boyfriend even said I'm kasar (rough)

  5. I have a thing for men in crisp white shirt. It is (one of) the fastest way to get to my heart.

  6. I don't like the stereotype of baby girl in pink and baby boy in blue. That's so cliché. I think it's better if we exposed them to other colours, try reading this.

  7. Even standing at 164 cm I have an affinity towards (very) heels; the higher the better but I don't wear them often esp. in Malaysia because it makes me feel like a giant. (the creature, not the supermarket) Why oh why are Malaysian women so petite?

  8. I hate anything that's cliché. Like certain poses for wedding photoshoot, for example.

  9. When eating anything layered like kuih lapis or kek lapis for example, I always eat it layer by layer or else I'm gonna be upset.

  10. I have a (bad) habit of cutting people's talk and changing the topic into mine.

  11. (I think) I get along with boys better than girls. Reason refer #4 aku bukan jenis gedik mengeletis bagai, ok

  12. I always pronounced the word baked, ba-ked, eventhough I know how to pronounce it properly. Weird and annoying at the same time.

  13. I'm bad at remembering names, like my new housemate's name for example.

  14. I have a quirky habit of mis-matching shoes with the outfit that I'm wearing. It prevents me from looking too matchy-matchy.

  15. I don't believe/use (in) any of whitening products available in the market. They're just a bunch of b*llshit, luring Asian women to believe that being fair(er) is pretty. What is so pretty about your face skin is two tones lighter than your neck? Embrace your ethnicity, be proud of who you are, now that is sexy.
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Tag..You're At It (Teil Zwei)

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What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1) Do the laundry.
2) Cook for iftar.
3) Tidy up the room.
4) Window shopping.
5) Watch S.A.T.C DVDs for gizillion times.

What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1) Ice blended
2) Fresh fruits
3) All sorts of cakes
4) Fresh brewed coffee in the morning, nothing beats that!
5) Banana split-the best I had was in the town where I studied, they make an awesome and kick-ass homemade Gelato yo!

What are 5 jobs you’ve had?
Ok lets see, since I'm still a student..
1) Diplomandin-which in English would be a final year intern?
2) Intern at two different company as a requirement of my study
3) Maid (of Honor) to mommy dearest for 2 whole months while waiting for my SPM's result
4) -
5) -

5 people I want to tag:

sapo-sapo lah..

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Tag..You're At It (Teil Eins)

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13 random things you love: [in no particular order]

1. Shoes!
2. Sunshine and good weather
3. Flowers
4. Florence, Italy
5. Boyfriend :)
6. Family and friends
7. Swimming
8. Beaches
9. Polaroid pics
10. Snow in the morning, when you look out through the window and everything is white
11. Internet
12. Gadgets
13. Lip gloss

12 movies you like: [in no particular order]

1. The Notebook
2. Finding Nemo
3. Kein Ohrhasen
4. The Eye (the original version, not the one starring Jessica-don't-call-me-Latina Alba)
5. My Left Eye Sees Ghost
6. Sex And The City
7. L.O.T.R Trilogy
9. The Italian Job
10. Serendipity
11. Training Days
12. Kill Bill Vol. 1

11 bands/artists: [in no particular order]

1. Jason Mraz
2. Spice Girls, Girl Power!
3. Amy Winehouse
4. The Cranberries
5. Michael Bublé
6. Carla Bruni
7. Incubus
8. Gwen Stefani
9. No Doubt
10. Tony Bennett
11. Frank Sinatra

10 things about you physically & personality wise:

1. Straight forward, I speak my mind, most of the time
2. Tall
3. Stubborn
4. Easily bored
5. I don't think I have any maternal instinct, maybe not yet. I can play with babies and toddlers but I cringe with annoyance whenever they cried.
6. My left arm is slightly crooked than the right
7. Talkative but only with ppl that I know
8. Most people perceive me as unfriendly but trust me, I'm not, I just need time to warm up
9. Funny *prasan*

9 songs for your wedding: [in no particular wedding]

1. The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra, not Elton John
2. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse
3. You And Me Song - The Wannadies
4. Lucky - Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Calliat
5. L.O.V.E - Nat King Cole
6. By Your Side - Sade
8. Everything - Michael Bublé
9. Fallen - Lauren Wood

I don't think it's fair that I only get to list down 9 songs, particularly when I love all love songs from Sinatra and Bublé, and also jazzy love song, if that matters.

8 fav drinks/food: [in no particular order]

1. Hainan Chicken Rice
2. Mee Kolok, any Sarawakian should know this
3. Starbucks' Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
4. Secret Recipe's Banana Chocolate Cake
5. Ulam
6. All kind of Laksas
7. Desserts
8. Thai/Chinese/Japanese cuisine

7 things you always wear:

1. Skinny jeans
2. Cardigan
3. Tudung
4. Tunic
5. Watch
6. Shoes
7. Tops/Blouses

6 pet peeves: [in no particular order]

1. Excessive PDA as in Public Display of Affection, yuck!
2. Dirty (finger)nails
3. Narrow/shallow minded people
4. Liars
5. Parents who let their kids running wild in malls or any inappropriate places
6. Bimbos

5 things you touch everyday:

1. My body and face
2. Handphone
3. Skincare
4. Handbag
5. Watch

4 shows you watch:

1. Project Runway
2. Sex And The City
3. America's Next Top Model
4. How I Met Your Mother

3 celebrities:

1. Nicole Richie - for the bohemian, hippy inspired style
2. Angelina Jolie - for the fab figure
3. Audrey Hepburn - for the effortless classic look

2 current wishes:

1. To have everything that I want
2. To be HAPPY.Every single day.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

Mein Schatz :)

And now I'm tagging all of you..
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Interview With A Shopaholic

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The Shopaholic, the rest is secret.

Blog name:

The Shopaholic Diaries

Finish this sentence: 'My Blog is about' …

My Blog is mainly circulated around fashion,trends and everything in between. Occasionally it also can be a medium for me to express the utterly disgusted feeling upon seeing a fashion disaster. In other way I like to think of it as a journal I use to show off my style and my strong opinion about fashion, the way I know and like about it.

Do you usually change your look (clothes
or hairstyle)?

Sometimes. I'm in process of finding the style that suite my taste. Like for example, I'm now really into vintage clothing and styles that I can come
up with.

Favourite item in your wardrobe:

At this moment, it would be this gorgeous knee-high vintage leather boots that I got from Ebay. Did I mention that Ebay is a good place to find a bargain and vintage stuff? It goes well with any outfit that I had on. Grreeeaatt!

Knee-high Vintage Leather Boot

What would you never wear?

It would be a tie between crazy bright neon coloured outfit and whole animal printed look from head to toe. It just too much to handle! And not forgetting the diamonds/crystals encrusted and army pattern jeans/pants/top.

Favourite Autumn Winter 2007/2008 Collection:

Balenciaga!!! The whole collection is utterly we
arable!! It’s easy to recreate our own Balenciaga look-a-likes with the stuff we have back home!! And also Ralph Lauren just b'cos it's simple and so chic. You can never underestimate simplicity.

Favourite Designer:

Carolina Herrera always had become my fav designer when it comes to dresses. And ah! The Meister (Karl) Lagerfeld.

This season Must-Have:

Big sunglasses!! and wide legged pants. The spring/summer 2008 look is safari meets ethnic.

An accessory you can’t live without:

Handbags. I'm totally a handbag person. Not too keen on other accessories though.

A trend to adopt :

Vintage chic. It doesn't cost much money. You just have to have the guts to rummage through your mom's closet and oh your grannies too. :)

Do you wear make up everyday?

Nope. Sometimes I’m just too tired (or late) in the morning to do so, but I’ll definitely slap on some moisturizer before going out!

What make up product (s) you can't live without?

Mascara and lipgloss, in general.

Do you change fragrances regularly?

Yes, sometimes I just need a certain frangrace for certain mood that I had at that moment. My fav fragrances would be DKNY Be Delicious Green and Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charm. Probably I'll be getting Marc Jacobs Daisy some time soon.

Who is your favourite fashion icon?

Nicole Richie, after the magic touch of her stylist, Rachel Zoe.

Nicole Richie

If you had to choose a year to live, from the last century, what would it be and why?

I love the 70-ies. It is the era of make love, peace and not war. I love the hippie style,(not the culture and the free-sex thinking they had though) and the whole bohemian look. It is full of colour and freedom.

Do you have any beauty secrets you want to share?

Heat your eyelash curler shortly before you curl your eyelashes with it and you don't even need to apply any mascara afterwards. It instantly make your eyes pop and a good tip when you always running late in the morning like me!

You never live home without …

My mobile, wallet, and lip balm.

Last fashion purchase:

I just got this gorgeous knee-high vintage leather boots and I'm loving it!!!

What music is playing in your Ipod?

A mixture!! I listen to all kinds of music like jazz, blues, rock, soft rock, pop, rap etc etc etc.

Favourite restaurant in your city?

A kebap place where my friends and I hang out every week after/before we did our groceries shopping, boring I know but I live in a small town. What else you have here?

Favourite foreign city/country?

LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!. You can find anything there, and also KL, being the true Malaysian that I am. :)


Swimming, reading, skating and of course shopping! Sometimes I love reading fashion forward blogs to find out some style that I could turn into my own.

Favourite song:

There’s too many to list down but of course that would have romantic oldies from Sinatra or Tony Bennett. Hearing them always makes me melt.

Now I would like to tag any blogger out there who reads my blog.

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TGI Friday Weekend

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The Bag: MNG Green Khakis Tote

The Content: Creative Zen Mp3, hairband, monthly ticket, work ID, pocket tissue, DKNY Be Delicious Roll-On, house keys, USB Stick, MNG purse. (Not in pics: old and scratchy Samsung handphone, digital camera, organizer)

The Make up: Body Shop Tea Tree Cover Stick (this helps me a lot as my current skin condition isn't serving its best), Dior Lipgloss, Body Shop Melon Lipbalm, Blistex Lipbalm, black eyeliner, Bepanthol Extra Skin Moisturizer, handcream, Silky Girl 2-Way Foundation.

Other Content (on certain occasion): Other half's stuff ie wallet, handphone or even book(s), bottled mineral water, Burberry sunglasses.

As you can see, my handbag serves as a junk keeper, and that solely the main reason why I constantly need a bigger bag. Can someone pls buy me Yves Saint Laurent Double Bag in Black/Silver upgrade: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 for me? I'd really appreciate that as a gift for my birthday, thank you. *grin*

Louis Vuitton Speedy

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Ms Mustafa
My real name

sweet_pumpkins (and this was way during the glorious IRC day)

I'm über-puberty, yet I still have acne-prone skin
Extra dry and flaky skin
Bad eyesight

Mainly Malay
A quarter (or is it half a quarter?) of Indo-Chinese and Melanau from my maternal grandparents
A wee bits of Thais from paternal grandparents (not really sure though,gotta ask dad more about it)

The thought of dying alone in a dark room
Dying without repending all the sins
Screwing/fucking up my life

Lots of moisturizer, or else my skin would end up cracky and flaky
Lots of water, non-carbonated

My gadgets
Family/Friends (that incl. the other half)

A ring

Stacie Orrico
Rogue Wave

Stacie Orrico-So Simple
Rogue Wave-Eyes
Jem-Wish I

Stability and finally the 'M' word

Height (he should be at least 4 inch taller or else I would end up walking beside a midget if I were to wear Manolo's or Louboutin's)
Sturdy frame (not too muscular yet not too sloppy)
It's a tied between gorgeous set of eyes and a great smile


Day dreaming
Whining about the mass of my body fat

Grab a cup of Starbuck's Latte with double whipped cream and a rich slice of triple chocolate truffles, heaven!

A warm hug
Hanging out with a bunch of equally fabulous and crazy ass friends



Successfully accomplished all the things that I really wanna do, career-wise or life-wise
Be a someone's wife, and a mother
Repend all the wrongs I've done

I love staring at beautiful girls.
I like girls with supertone/to-die-for body eg. Nicole Scherzinger
I love challenge and some physically challenging activities

I have a thing for shoes/handbags/clothes
I'm (sorta) IT-illiterate
I cry when I'm stressed out

Wentworth Miller

Daniel Henney

Yutaka Takenouchi
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