NPE-No Problem Expressway

H and I were in his car. He was on his way sending me off to KL Sentral from Subang Jaya when we passed through NPE.

Me: Hey, do you know what NPE stands for? I know that E is for Expressway or something.

H: (Still driving and trying not to look distracted) Huh? Tak tau la. *must concentrate*

Me: Oh, I know. It's No Problem Expressway! (feeling genius and ridiculous simultaneously) Haha.

H: What? Sapa cakap? Pandai-pandai je. Merepek la tu. Haaa merepek merepek.

Between us, I am the one who loves to merepek. Which of I course don't (have to) agree. I tend to believe that I am gifted in talking. Or creative. Or innovative.

Whatever beyotch..Eyes rolling.

Me: Dah tu, apa?

A moment later we passed through a sign board with the name of NPE-New Pantai Expressway. Haha! And we're laughing our asses off!

Yes sayang, I know you adore me!

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