Red Moon

I was really upset when H didn't ask me how was the job interview that I had few days ago. So I sms-ed him.

Me: Why didn't you ask me about my job interview yesterday. Kecik ati tau. Asik cakap pasal sabun je.
(He is doing this MLM-thingy and the product is facial bar made from 100% natural ingredients)

H: Sorry. Totally forgot about it. Ask you later, ok?

Me: Don't want. Merajuk big time. Go eat your sabun.

H: ---

Then I looked at the calendar. Oh, it's that time of the month.

Go figure.


d i y a n a said...

i know that sabun, it's like eumora bar kan??..ada somebody promote to me but tak percaya...moosee..bile nak kahwin?

Moose said...

wah..soalan cepu emas tu.klo ade jodoh, insya allah kawin. haah it's eumora facial bar. Aku pun agak skeptic gakla psl MLM ni. tapi my bf claims that it works wonder on him. We'll see about that the next time i see him!

reena said...

Haha sian kena makan sabun.

Moose said...

reena: Haha!seriously, boring gile asyik dgr he talks about sabun tu. sabun ni prok prek prok prek.. I know la he tries to persuade me into buying the stuff tapi nasibla kan i ni jenis yg not so easily convinced esp. dgn MLM ni.