Mantra of The Day Month

Moose's mantra of the month or till the end of the year:

"Must not shopping, eventhough I just spotted a very very very nice shoes on blog-shop."


*duduk bersila sambil meroyan meditate*



I am proud of myself today. I opened an ASB account and transfer some of the fund from ASW 2020 into ASB. I also didn't touch the duit raya given to me by the company. All go straight to ASB. Look sayang, I kicked my I-don't-bother-about-my-money attitude. I am a new person!

*pat myself on the back*

v(*-*)v <--- icon buat peace


d i y a n a said...

hahahahaa. "i am proud of you, Moose"

Let me take as my *new* IDOL.


p.s: tell me about ASB, aku nak invest tp smpai skrg tak register pun.

Moose said...

isk isk. terharu.

*tunduk-tunduk malu*

aku taktau nak cite pasal ASB sangat. yang aku tau simpan duit then end of their financial year, dapat 6-8% dividend and bonus. but for bonus the longer you save, the more you get. bonus tu aku taktau kira tapi if i'm not mistaken 1.5-1.75% p.a ke monthly tak sure. hang boleh gak amik loan ASB, min. RM10,000 loan 5 years and above. tadi orang tu nak explain pasal loan tapi aku cakap nanti dulu. dahla pegi bank time keja kan, nak lepak lama2 plak kat bank tu..