Destination, checked
Flight tickets, checked
Victoria's Secret lingerie, checked
Accommodation, unchecked

I think it's no secret that our honeymoon destination is gonna be Bali. Both H and I love the place although we've never been there. Yours truly here is a true beach girl at heart. Put me smack in the middle of any beach, sunscreen and bikini and I'll be happy as I can be. Kalau Keisha nyanyi Your Love Is My Drug, aku pulak - Swimming/Beach Is My Drug, boleh?

As you all know the annual MATTA FAIR is just around the corner. It's time for us b2b to grab this chance and find good deals and offer for our honeymoon regardless of where you want to go, local or international.

We had bought the tickets for the honeymoon eons ago. I think Air Asia was having a massive sale or deal during that time. The price was too good to pass so Fiance bought it immediately. Now what's left for us to find is the accommodation for the 5D4N period that we're going to spend there. Reading about places to stay in Bali is so overwhelming. Macam banyak je tempat-tempat best! Rambang mata sudah nak pilih mana satu.

All that we know, we want to take the advantage of being halal (ngeh ngeh) and stay at one of their beautiful private villa but with affordable price, of course. Kot kalau termengandung lepas tu boleh bangga cakap dekat anak;

"You're conceived at Bali's luxurious private villa with breathtaking sea view/garden view and an infinity private swimming pool"

Wah, statement berangan tak ingat.

Tapi berangan itu indah, kan? HAHA

Fellow blogger bride, Tahirah also had her honeymoon in Bali and I did emailed her to ask few things on the accommodation, places to see and such. At first I was thinking of spending first 2 days at Kuta for sight seeing before head to more secluded places like Ubud or Nusa Dua and this is where the real honeymoon begins. Ehem.

But my fiance is thinking the opposite. His plan was to go to these secluded places first and few days before our departure only then we stay at Kuta as it's quite near to Denpasar airport.

I don't know... I mean we only had 5 days to do so many things and there are so many places to visit. I want to see the Kecak Dance in Uluwatu (or is it in Ubud?), visit the volcano up north of Bali, see the temples in Tanah Lot, have candle light dinner by the sea side in Jimbaran, experience the Bali spa ritual (this is a must for me!), oogling at hot surfers in Kuta's beach (oh wait, I'm a married woman by then. Damn!) See, so many things to do yet so little time!

Any ex-bride has anything to say about Bali? Or even b2b who had been to Bali before? I need to gather all tips and tricks and information before we go to MATTA FAIR this Saturday. Sure, I can have it all by reading Tripadvisor and such but I trust the word of fellow bride to be and ex-brides more. You ladies are one reliable source!

So please!

P/s: Any input on which hotels, packages, travel agents, recommended spa and its treatment, activities to do, drivers or anything that you could think of is highly appreciated and I really can't thank you enough if any of your willing to share. Maybe a little something something from Bali for your kind help, perhaps?


withthismaskahwin said...

Hi Moose!

I love Bali too. Do write reviews on packages you've found during the MATTA fair ye. Very much interested! Hehe..

Thank you!
xx- Dinda

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

yay! suka hornymoon! okay takleh tolong i went to the other side. haha.

puan rocker said...

babe try agoda.com and search for bali. u'll find byk gila hotel yg nice² with reviews. booked mine thru agoda coz i'll be going to bali tak lama lg for my entah-ke-berapa-punya-hornymoon. :D

nizabeba said...

i love this statement :
"You're conceived at Bali's luxurious private villa with breathtaking sea view/garden view and an infinity private swimming pool" ur child must be very proud..haha..
selamat berhornymoon moose!!

nuptiles said...

hi moose,

am planning to go to bali too for honeymoon.sorry i cant advise anything sebab xpernah pergi. but happy honeymooning n checking out the infos.

ReYNa said...

bestnye hornymoon;p..eh.nnti nk g juge ke matta fair,.aritu nk gi bali juge,tp cancel la pulak.kalo x mesti nk tanya u dh.huhuh!

sumpit said...

aku takde nak recommend pape, just to remind you to "BRING LOTS OF MONEY!"

bali tu bole tahan cekik kedarah gak la (for me yg cheapskate ni). Tp dah hornymoon tu, money tu sure belakang kira kot :)

Happy fun, babe!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I've been to Bali with the family and these are the activities I'd recommend:

1) Go watch Kecak Dance at Uluwatu. Worth it.

2) Go to dreamland beach and have a stroll. OMG, the beach is just very nice and stunning!

3) Go for a bicylce tour around Ubud area, across the paddy field, along Ayong river. Nice and refreshing!

4) Visit Tanah Lot during sunset. Jaw dropping view.

5) Visit Mount Kintamani if you are a fan of panoramic view. And be prepared to be mobbed by the makciks2 and kids. Don't buy anything from them unless you have a really sensitive heart. Coz once you start to take out your purse, they'll mob you even more.

6) Have seafood dinner at Jimbaran bay. Be prepared to spend at least RM300 for 2 persons. Expensive but dinner by the beach is something you should try.

7) Go for the cheap spa!!! Nice I tell you!

8) Go to Nusa Dua and if you are adventerous, pegi try paragliding. A lot of beach activities there.

And talking about Bali boutique villas, I have tonnes and tonnes of villa to share with. We can talk more on this if you are interested. I have done extensive research for 3 freaking years ok! Hahahahah.

kay kamal said...

masa i went bali 5 years ago..ye i knw sgt lama dulu..ade byk tempat to go about. i thk ur fiance nye idea is good. i mean ..ye, being halal is goooooood~~ so take advantage of it slagi masih hangat..then ull get tired being in the room only ber-ehem..and ull b wanting to go out and see places..


just my 2cents.. =]

Lina Shuib said...

Ive been to Bali last July.

Hence I can recommend u the tour guide Arik, a really nice boy. He charged us Rp350k per day ; hi-season charge. Mmg dia bawak u to places that not cekik darah. Very punctual somemore. You can email him at arik03@yahoo.com

Kalau di area Kuta Square, jgn lupa dinner kat Warung Made, they served the best gado2 ive ever tasted.

Oh ni part makan lagi, pls pls go to Malioboro Restaurant, also in Kuta area and try their Ayam Tulang Lunak. It is a type of chicken in which you can consume its bone. Dorang masak sampai the bone is 'soft' and fragile. Sgt sedap i tell you!

These are the places you shouldnt missed out on your very 1st visit to Pulau Dewata:
a) Batubalan Village (Barong & Keris Dance)
b) Ubud (Monkey Forest, Palace & Market)
c) Tirta Empul
d) Coffee Luwak Plantation
e) Mengwi (Royal Family Temple)
f) Bedugul (Lake Beratan & Lake Temple)
g) Tanah Lot
h) GWK Cultural Park
i) Dreamland Beach
e) Uluwatu Kecak Dance

p/s : pls bawak banyak duit cos the painting there damn cheap. Baguslah nak deco rumah baru nanti :D

Moose said...

insya Allah, if the time permits, I will.

ye aku tau ko went the other side. ramai pegi sane jugak. kesian kat aku yg nak pegi bali ni.

ok thanks aim for the tip.

HAHA. tula berangan tak hingat kan? damn, my 1st kid must be proud. his/her mom n dad spend a fortune to conceive her/him! tapi tu klo ade plan nak conceive la. ngeh ngeh.

Moose said...


lets MATTA Fair!

tahirah pun cakap kena bwk banyak duit. aiyoo bangkrap la cam ni

Moose said...

i love u! thanks for the what-to-do tips. it's pretty much what i want to which means that i'm in the right track. oh, you know what i'm really looking forward to? spending quality time at the spa(s) there. notice the s? haha.

i havent done much research on the villas yet and we're going to MATTA fair first thing tomorrow. nanti i drop you an email la ok nawar?

Moose said...

kay kamal:
haha. you idea is sooooooo kinky! and i think my fiance is going to like that much. muahaha.

thank u so much for the informational tips! i will add your suggestion in my itinerary. and talks about food tu make me salivating. insya Allah i will go to the places that you recommended.

Moose said...

thanks so much uols. u guys are like the best tripadvisor ever!

sara said...

oh i love Bali as well! went there last august for 6 days. rasa macam tak ckup!

I went almost everywhere the other bloggers said except for Nusa 2. Its way too far (like 2 hours of driving kot) and the guide suggest to go out at 6 am from our hotel in Legian. tak larat lah.

You have to be prepared for all the entrance fees. nak masuk the temples or tgh the dances tu can be quite pricey cam eti cakap.. i think i spent a lot of money paying for that.

Shopping wise, accessories la banyak cantik2!

Dont take tour guide all the time you kat sana. just take like 1 or 2 days for you to go tempat jauh2 and until you familiar with the area.

then explore lah dengan hubby nanti sendirik..kitaorg sewa motor 50k rupiah for 24hrs.murah giler. dorang akan cakap kita perlu beli their license etc..cakap tanak je..tak kena saman nyer lah.

if you nak pegi beaches yang dekat town area, i wont suggest Kuta beach. its too packed with mat saleh. Instead, go straight ahed..sampai Legian..pantai kat legian takde orang. can learn surfing or wake boarding tanpa langgar orang.hehe.


Moose said...


how come la i miss your comment..
thanks for the tips. aku pun fikir that we wont be taking tour guide for the rest of the trip. maybe for 2 days during our stay in kuta je kot. the rest, we gonna explore on our own, i mean, if we can travel around europe takkan la bali tak boleh kan? hehe.

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

babe..BALI?? ohh..rase nak pegi lagi dan lagi.. :)
banyak nye tempat2 menarik kat BALI..
sangat bestttt :)
u leh la tgok2 kat entry I pasal BALI-moon..if nak lagi infos nanti i bukak buku I pasal BALI-moon..
Nanti I try ingat2 balik ehh..

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

lupe bagi link..hope dapat membantu..
if nak details lagi, PM me nanti ehh..sebab ade byk jugak xtvt i tak cite kat blog sebab malas nak update!

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