Budget Friendly.....Errr, Bride?

I've been reading and checking out the budget friendly section of my favourite wedding website, Snippet & Ink and got so inspired of all the weddings featured especially the wedding of Jennifer & Floris and others. Others je sudah, macam banyak je aku suka. Hahaha.

I really like the kind of wedding where every family members contribute to something. That what makes a wedding special and different from the rest. It's the personal touch and love that's involved. And I'd love to incorporate that in my wedding as well.

My cousin, who studied Art & Design will take care of the designing of my invitation card. But I haven't given him any input yet. Will do so later.

My mom has already begun with DIY project of her own (without informing and consulting me first! Haruskah aku menjadi Bridezilla?). The DIY project of personalizing favour boxes (<-- this, I got to know last Sunday!) to the guests. Favours I think, will be donated by some generous cousins, aunts and uncles like previous weddings we had in our big family. Insya Allah.

I have an aunt who's making living out of baking and selling Sarawak kek lapis and ordinary cakes as well. If she's willing, I would like her to bake the wedding cake. If not, I can just order one from bakery.

I have my own DIY project on the deco as I had blogged earlier. I love doing crafts! I may draw horse and looks like a giraffe instead and stuffs (in other words, tak pandai melukis) but somehow since primary school I love doing crafts. I spend most of my time during secondary school, doing home made cards to be sent out during friends/mom/dad/brother/sister's birthday. But somehow I stop making them when I have the money to buy ready made cards. I guess, poverty brings out the creativity in you.

Like now. Haha. Ok, so not kelakar. *Sedih*

Oh, I feel like wanna slap somebody who said unthinkable things to me the other day. Of how I got my engineering degree oversea and must be making big bucks here in Malaysia, living comfortably yadda yadda. Gosh, did that person knows that engineers in Malaysia are like so underpaid? Regardless of where they got their degree and I'm not kidding. And I'm not kidding too when I said I didn't earn big bucks. Sudahlah tidak earn big bucks, planning a wedding in 8 months lak tu. (March is negligible) As organized as I am, (I think) I always work best when under pressure. Enough said.

I have this crazy idea of asking my dad to make pelita buluh. Will he do it? If he can complete 80% of my room's construction himself, I think this little project is nothing to him....


reena said...

I love DIY wedding!

sumpit said...

aah, dah tgk gak hari tu. Paling ingat sbb the bride tu pakai makeup sendiri. Tu psl nak tunang hari tu, i thot, if she can do it, i can do it too. Tp x sedar diri, dia tu mmg makeup artist, kita ni beli foundation pon color tak penah kena... hari tu time nak pakai cincin, baru teringat lupa pakai face powder, berkilat2 muka :p

Anyway, I want to DIY oso, i got 6 months ni, tp paper bodo2 pon dah mahal kat sini. takkan nak post material so tht i can DIY kot, cam x logik je...

got any sugg? u were been for quite a while. Apa yg bagus utk dibawa balik buat kawin ek?

Xora said...

Saya suka DIY wedding. tapi mungkin tak dapat utk wedding saya pasal saya pemalas dan tak suka stress (tapi lebih byk gen pemalas), jadi Moose, sila buat DIY sebaik mungkin!!!

NahWaL said...

Tapi aku tak reti la moose nak mintak2 tolong sedara. mak aku pon jenis malas mintak tolong. dulu masa wedding kazen aku time tu dia cucu pertama kawen (aku cucu kedua OMG), sme sumbang bunga telor. sudahnya bunga telor dia ada 5 kaler. hak3. meriah. mak ngah aku kata kalao aku nak, ada lagi. haha. campor2 kaler gitu

Moose said...

kan? i like it too. act. you can save a lot! tapi kena pandai manage your time la.

Moose said...

artsy crafts memang mahal. but, you can buy stuffs for hantaran. macam chocs ke-lindt chocs is the best i tell you. pegi shopping dekat metzingen. also, if you're creative enough, you can use x-mas deco as deco for your hantaran. sebab after x-mas, deco2 untuk x-mas tu agak murahla. kadang2 melambak2 dekat lidl, aldi, kaufland and the likes. other than that boleh carik barang2 kawin like veil, shoes, accessories dekat e-bay. in fact kotak2 untuk favours sume tu pun ade dekat e-bay. tak pun if you have time, pegi flohmarkt (flea market). dekat situ you can find lots of thing. mostly barang dapur/rumah or deco la.

Moose said...

baiklah, akan cuba buat sebaik mungkin! haha. tapi tula kadang2 mood malas tu datang. nak pegang gunting pun malas.

haha. bunga telur 5 kaler tu. tapi aku nak mintak tolong pun, dah specifickan ape yang kita nak, so takdelah diorang nak kasi suka2 ati. selalunya diorang sumbang sweets la. dulu masa kazen aku kawin pun, ade carca-merba gak tapi tu sebab makcik aku macam tak kesah, orang nak bagi ape pun dia terima. tapi aku dah bagitau mak aku awal2, kalau nak bagi pun bagi sweets je sebab aku tak suka benda campur2 ni. semak kepala.

NahWaL said...

betol2 sweets ok. aku nak mintak kazen aku je bake muffin for nikah. haha. setapppp

sumpit said...

i think i already missed the post-xmas sale la. Tp selalu gak dok tgk kat kaufland, the rest are too far. Kurang menarik, or kalu ada, only in small quantity. Maybe your kg is better than mine kot.

Chocs, nanti beli la kot, time2 nak blk. I just knew they're good and kinda cheap not too long ago, lepas compare2 dgn price kat malaysia. I didnt know it last year sbb i dont like chocs. Tp kena kot beli buat souvenir, if berat airasia membenarkan.

Metzingen wajib pegi, skarang tgh kumpul duit.

I'm an ebay addict, tp ebay.de mahal! Often times, i'd order direct from the US je, or China. Tp yg flohmarkt tu mmg jarang pegi, sbb malas nak sacrifice weekends, tp I need to start going la.

This weekend ada, nak g cekidaut la.
Thanks for the sugg!

Moose said...

mintak jangan tak mintak. nanti masa diorang kawin, kita tolonglah balik

yes, once u dah makan chocs from germany and swiss you'll never want to eat chocs in msia again cos the taste will never be the same. chocs kaufland tu lagi sedap dari cadbury ok! i pun ebay addict jugak! dulu my friends cakap i'm ebay queen. any parcel sampai mesti purchase from ebay. haha. ebay.de you kena pandai bid. i never bought yang sofort kaufen tu.