Weltmeisterschaft or World Cup

Mommy and little sister (like literally, HA HA HA) are coming to visit me this weekend. The agenda? Lots of shopping and wallet damaging activities. But fret not, all shopping done will be wedding related. At least I hope so.

Little sister is dying to go to the zoo. She's 19 but acts like a happy care-for-nothing 5 y.o. when it comes to animals. Since I am the driver, I will decide whether I wanna bring her to the zoo or not. Or maybe just dump her there and chuck out. Maybe while she's there, mom and I can go somewhere much fun. Like buying curtains for the room or something. Hmm. I doubt if buying curtain is a fun activity. Or mother-daughter bonding time at spa. Wow, that will be fun!

My fiancé will led a bachelor life this weekend and I bet he's really looking forward to it. Sometimes a time off from each really makes a huge different. Absence can make the heart grows fonder. Or something. Especially when you are in anger. Avoiding each other for a while would be a good solution because you don't want to end up saying unnecessary stuffs that you gonna regret later. Well, not that we are having a row or something. I am just saying.

Weltmeisterschaft or World Cup is here. Oh how I miss watching World Cup with my closest friends together back then. I was fortunate and lucky to witness the 2006 World Cup fever when Germany was the host. Such a memorable event. And that, deserves a special entry on its own.

It's 12.15 am and the result from the match of South Africa vs. Mexico is 1:1. No, I didn't watch the game. I only watch interesting team's game or if Brazil is playing. Or Deutschland. Brazil will always be my favourite team. And 5 years in Germany, has qualified Deutschland to be part of my faves as well. Deutschland is scheduled to play on June 13th, against Australia. Which I bet, they no doubt will win. The team is now lead by Philipp Lahm, a young talented player who is of the same age as mine after the previous captain Michael Ballack injured his ankle.

So ladies, what's your favourite team?


♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ said...

weh, ko sangat cruel babe! kasihani lah dinda ko tuh. dun dump her ek. sangat kejam. kalau aku adik ko, kompem aku naek train je p zoo haha =p

alamak, world cup? huh. i'm not into football. ececehh~

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I so love football!! And I am a big fan of Argentina. Muahahaha!! I like England too simply because I love Gerard and Lampard (even though they don't work well together). Robert Green was stupid by the way. Hahaha.

Moose said...

i love world cup! during WC 2006, omg, the atmosphere in germany changed 360 degree, i tell you. people are more friendlier! i don't like england but back then i did watch their games simply because my bff was a big fan of england! this time around since beckham is not playing anymore and my bestie and i are not living together, so no reason for me tengok game england! haha

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

moose, ni website bunga tu, http://www.irtrade2u.com/v3/ ko tolong buat post weh, kasik tahu yaya.. haha.. aku tak sempat lg ni..

ada gud n bad reputation, basically kalau bukan festival aku suggest la..

sebab ada sorang order masa cny+v-day aritu XDAPAT lgsg bunga, ada bride dr tganu order, superb weh bunga dia.. rose purple dapat!

nanti ada lapang aku buat entry on experience rina..

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

sorry la lari topik, dari aku lupe kang, haha..

aku tak layan bola, at all..

bagus la ko moose aku suka tgk pempuan layan bola, dalam pikiran aku camne korang fokus tgk dia sepak2 bola..

Moose said...

aku mula2 dulu tak minat tgk bola jugak. tapi bff aku kaki bola beb, kalah orang laki. lama2 tu macam terjangkit plak. tapi aku segala EPL sume tu tak layan, aku layan world cup, european cup, copa america je.

btw, thanks kasi link bunga tu. masalahnya wedding aku masa x-mas tu. masalah negara gak tu. karang beranganlah aku tunggu bunga tak sampai2. ade fresh flower petik bunga kertas ayah aku tanam kang. haha. aku baca situ during peak season such as public hols ke ape, dia advice 2days before, tapi dah kalau 2days before tu baik aku beli kat floristika then bawak balik perlis. tapi tak boleh guna roses la.nanti layu

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

haha, class seh bola ko layan, haha..

xmas? aku tak suggest la weh, ko better have something in ur hand, jangan take risk, sebab actually rina pun bukan peak dia tak cukup bunga tau, so dia bg bunga yg less quality, which kitorang buat centerpiece yg sebenarnya takde dalam plan pun, sebab bunga tu tak guna..

petals lak dia bagi bunga ross sekuntum2, xbyk, then kekwa, mcm2 bunga mcm nak mandi bunga.. so mcm buka petals la, kalau kat sini beli petals kan yg mmg petals, haha.. ape aku cakap ni..

so moose ko pikir ok.. ko beli kat kl on, amik gerbera ke ke ape ke yg kurang sensitif, rose boleh gak ko amik la yg ada net, selamat skit..

Moose said...

alamak lupa plak nak reply. tula aku pun rasa cam tak berani nak beli online tu. maybe aku boleh beli as back-up je kot. mana2 bunga tahan lasak cam eustoma or daisies tu beli siap2 dari kl then bawak balik perlis. cam roses semua tu order online, tapi kena bear in mind not to totally depend on those flowers ordered online la kan..at least klo tak sampai bunga aku beli kat kl tu ada.