Bali-moon (The Activities) - Part 2

Kita bersiaran kembali dalam episod kedua jalan-jalan Bali.

Day 3

Supposedly, the tour for day 3 has been arranged as it was included in the package that we took. We were supposed to go to Ubud and had our lunch there at the Dirty Duck Diner. Since we already went to Ubud on day 2, Pak Anto (second day supir) suggested that we went to Bedugul to see the Ulun Datu Beratan temple (one of the main temple in Bali), to visit the monkey forest somewhere along the way (sorry! can't remember where and what it's called but it's definitely not in Uluwatu) and finally to visit the famous temple in Tanah Lot. We then suggested it to the supir that is provided by the travel agent.

Route: Kuta (hotel) - Bedugul - Tanah Lot - Tanjung Benoa (villa)

So, what's a review without photos kan? (Malas mood alert!!)

In front of the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple (in Bedugul)

Call us retarded or whatever but this pose apparently is our favourite pose whenever we go traveling.

p/s: I did a little bit of yoga and pilates before. My husband still thinks that I am (still) fit to do such poses when I am not. Sigh. I seriously need to start running and doing exercise again.

Ulun Danu Beratan Pura (Temple)

Bali is known as the Island of the Gods and its endless temples. The Ulun Danu Beratan temple is one of the iconic temple in Bali and is located near the Beratan lake. (Ulun Danu = Lake) Note the 11-tiered roof? For some reason (that I obviously has forgot, hehe) it's a must for the temple or pura as locally known to build the roof of the temple in 3, 5, 7 or 11 (being the highest) tiers.

Warning, much?

At the monkey forest/temple

The monkeys are surprisingly tame though they are from the nearby forest. Tame or not, I am still terrified of them. I have proof to show the evidence of how terrified I was but of course, I am not gonna share it with you guys.

At the entrance of Tanah Lot temple

I love how the photo give the illusion that I have a mile-long legs.Oh, the guilty of vain! HAHAHA.

We were actually trying to do this pose (with my shoes on, of course)

but the supir cum photographer snapped the photo a few seconds late that the wave came and splashed. I was wearing my favourite leather ballerina and I was bit upset but just had to do this to laugh it off:

My wet shoes. -__-
p/s: Sayang, I am still waiting for my compensation gift.

We missed the sunset in Tanah Lot because we need to get back to the villa before 8pm because we had our fine dining dinner prepared by the hotel at that time and the journey from Tanah Lot to the villa takes roughly about 45-50 minutes depending on the traffic.

Fell asleep along the journey because I was so tired and dizzy. The driver drives like a mat rempit on crack that I had motion sickness when I never have such problem.

Next, review on the activities on day 4 and 5.


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