Marilah Amalkan Gaya Hidup Sihat

To actually see the fact that I gained 2-4 kg (because I can't seem to remember exactly how much I weigh, pre-wedding) in numbers is terrifying! I always know that I am little chubbier post-wedding but never actually bother to step on scale to check. Big mistake. If I did, at least some damage control can be done early.

It was horrible. I feel horrible knowing that I let my body to gain that much of excess weight. No wonder I feel lethargic and tire easily than before. I am very conscious about my appearance. I always been skinny and athletic as far as I can remember. I swim, I jog, did a little bit of yoga and pilates in the past. Last year I joined the gym and worked out at least 3 times a week for 1-2 hours per session. At the peak of my fitness regime, I can easily run 5km non-stop and without panting. I also did weight lifting to tone up my biceps/triceps. Sekarang ni mop lantai 30 minutes pun dah lenguh. Hehe.

I got the boost and feel good about myself during last week's KL Marathon. I didn't run the full marathon but that 5km run was enough to boost my spirit and motivation to start working out (again). If I managed to clocked 42 minutes despite limping, just imagine what it would be if I hadn't?

Thus, I challenge myself and sign up for 10km this coming 10th July at the Siemens Run. Lepas tu aku macam menggelabah and I hope I am not crazy for just signing up myself in 10km in another 10days!

Marilah amalkan gaya hidup sihat! 


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Ala jelesnya aku Moose. lame tak join marathon :(

hope aku boleh pergi satu event sebelum balik sarawak dan selepas pantang :)

go moose, go, go!!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

moose, at least u still bersemangat hoke. my ticker kat blog tu dah 2 weeks tak move, huwaaaa susah nyer nak kembali kepada rutin asal :(

hazlynda kushairi said...

babe, atleast kau bersukan, berlari la jugak, its good for health, at the same time, boleh kurus. daripada aku? jogging dlm mimpi? sigh~

sumpit said...

:D ko dah jd mcm aku post-wedding hehehehe. Aku pon terpaksa exercise gak skarang, tp aku buat dlm bilik je sbb malas nak keluar. On a good day, i'd do hiit, with little's method, kalu nak cepat, I'd do tabata and be done in 5-6 minutes, kalu byk gila masa, i'd do callanetics. But starting next week, I'm gonna do 30 day shred, in 20-25 minutes total, think i can spare much tht for the next 30 days :D

r3bL said...

heyya moose..
from what i know, correct me if im wrong, the siemens run is postphone to a later date. kindly check for urself.

there is a 7K run in McD run (olympic day run) in dataran merdeka. maybe u can sign up for it :)

and pls do check, runnersworld.com for more info on running..

happy running yeah~ :D

Moose said...


little's method tu ape? tabata, callanetics tu sangatlah high-tech bunyinya


yes, the run has been postponed to 25/9. got the email from my husband the other day. so sad that i won't be able to join on the 25/9 since it'll clash with our traveling schedule.

oh yeah, thanks for the info on the olympic run. husband's friend been telling us to join this run but i actually have no idea on what/where this run actually. might check it out soon!