Bertandang Reception

Oh my, 6 months married but I haven't share any of the pictures taken during the bertandang reception.

Our reception was held on 8th January at the Grand Ballroom, Concorde Shah Alam. It was a family event (and limited guests) with traditional theme. We had dancers (from UiTM) performing traditional dances, pencak silat and a funny and witty seloka performed by one of the guests (and family members). I promise to share the video here soon, insya Allah. My Ayah (FIL) even dedicated a song to us, albeit sounded bit nervous. HAHA.

The emcees was none other than H's sister and cousin. The whole family, headed by my FIL, was the wedding planner, the event coordinator as well as the the floor manager for the event. Ayah was the one to come out with these different programs - dances, pencak silat, the event flow etc. Like I said, it was a truly family event and a successful one. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for organizing such event to be an event to be remembered for the rest or my life. And if anyone ever need a wedding planner or event coordinator services, kindly contact my FIL.

Haha, kidding ayah, kidding!

Since a photo represent a thousand words and I am too lazy to even write 10 sentences (eh ye ke? macam banyak je aku membebel-bebel tadi), I'll let the pictures do the talking. Wah, gitu senang sekali kerja aku. HAHA.

Getting dolled up

These two items are up for rent

1 round of group photo

Hari keluarga Celcom. HAHA

The Crew who made the event successful


sumpit said...

wah, u look much taller than him!


oh my..u berjaya buat the songket turn out sangat-sangat cantek..
the words that coming out in my mind when I first saw ur baju- exclusive, simple, kemas, perfect and well fitted on u..

Moose said...

tu penangan 4 inch heels! haha

oh thank you! at first i was so worried that people might commented how simple it looked like. nasib baik during the majlis no one commented on anything.

to be honest, yes, i love simple, classic and elegant silhouette that is timeless.

Aida Narina said...

moose! saya sangat suka the theme color and the songket. and plus, credits to the simple yet classy dais. just what i had on mind for my "ehem ehem" hehe.. moose, may i know where did u get the dais maker? :)

Freak said...

hari keluarga celcom tak boleh blah.haha.

Moose said...

oh, i taktau who's the pelamin maker cos they're attached to concorde. but if you were to ask me, i strongly won't recommend them cos the dais was very basic and plain and yet they charge us 5k for the additional 2 small panels. we got no option but to engaged them sbb concorde won't allow external decorator.

fika79 said...

ur mother in law yang pakai baju kelabu duduk the most left side ker?waaa..kalau yer, very the gojess!

Moose said...


yes, she is!

Aida Narina said...

owh my o my! lawa yet still mahal.. thanks moose for the info. i'm hoping that someone can make the same dais but with lower cost :)

dialicious said...

i love songket and i love ur dress!
where is ezuwan ismail's boutique ye?

Moose said...


the last time masa kitorg jumpa dia, we met at this house dekat cheras, near tmn shamelin perkasa. masa tu dia cakap tgh plan nak bukak butik tapi i don't know now dah ada ke belum.