It has been almost a year since my last haircut and now, my tresses are getting unruly and I am dying to chop 'em off! You see, I have this super straight yet soft thin hair that makes me look like an extra wearing limp wig from B-grade ghost movie if it grows pass my shoulder. I don't know from whom I inherited that kind of hair cos Mother and Little Sister have the thickest hair I've ever known. Maybe it's the Father gene that got passed to me. Hmm. And I don't fancy having long hair because it's so hard to maintain and H has been nagging about the amount of hair that I shed around the house. I so feel like an old cat. Sobs.

By the way, did you know that on average 50-100 telogen hairs are shed every day? This is normal hair loss and accounts for the hair loss seen every day in the shower and with hair combing. I have been telling these facts to H many many times whenever he freaks out upon seeing my hairs in the shower. But he just won't buy it. Oh well, I rest my case.

Last year I had one of the most satisfying hair cut of my life at a fraction of price at a hair salon named Trendzcut in Kuching. Since this year, I won't be going back to Kuching for raya, I just don't know where to get a hair cut that gonna leave me feel the exact amazing feeling! I know that MIL frequented this super trendy hair salon in Bangsar but let be honest, a simple cut for almost RM90? I won't spend and don't have that much money, so thanks but no thanks.

I always like a good pixie cut and currently been eyeing for the same look. But I am not sure whether Husband is keen on the idea of me looking like a pre-adolescent boy. Quite creepy if you deeply think about it.

But then, aren't these ladies look gorgeous?

[L-R: Audrey Tatou, Michelle Williams, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Mia Farrow, Shannyn Sassamon]

All images via Google

My personal picks are Mia Farrow (circa Rosemary's Baby) and Shannyn Sassamon.

Now, let's hope that Husband agrees with me having those cute pixie cut.


cicayanki said...

Moose, I think you can rock any pixie cuts from above! Do it! I love Williams's, it is cute and girlish. For a more rugged look but still cute, I'd say go for Shannyn's!

ps: cannot wait to chop my locks too! soon soon after the wedding!

sumpit said...

i like tatou's.
Weh, i usually went to kimarie in sg. wang. RM25 per head. Dunno if the price is still the same.

But they dont hv a separate room for hijabis, so tht might be a problem for you.

But just in case u're interested, i think i got some of my best cuts from them :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I like Shannyn's :)). I used to cut my hair short, just like Victoria's. Thought it was cute, easy to handle but fiance doesn't like girls with short hair. So I have to grow the hair a bit. Now am loving bob cut, looks so stylish on me. Hahaha. Perasan!

sophea keisha said...

ohh i am looking forward to cut my hair short too! been googling for the best style which suits my face and personality, which is quite hard. Hehehe by the way, thanks moose for the inspiration!