I Am...


pretty much alive and kicking! Haha.

But sorry for the lack of updates though. Nothing interesting happened lately and everything seems so......... mundane.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer everyday as spring is approaching. Yesterday, a couple of H's colleagues' wives (I called them the members of Oslo's wives' club. Hehe) and I arranged for a get together and met up with a Singaporean lady that we knew over Facebook. Does it amaze you just how fantastic online social network is? Not only it connects friends (and foes!) but it also brings strangers together.

We went to United Bakeries, a trendy yet cosy bakery at Oslo city center. It was a new experience for me as it was my first time hanging out with mothers and their babies, outside. I know it's shocking but I never hang out with my friends and their kid(s) outside. Whenever I see them it's either at their house or ours. Whenever we went lepaking, we usually hang-out with H's guy friends and they're mostly unmarried. So being surrounded by a toddler and 2 babies while hanging out is new to me.

Wait, now I know why I lack motherly instinct, I don't surround myself with babies (and their mothers) enough. Lol.

I have to admit that I am not good with kids. I cringe and annoyed whenever a kid misbehaves. That's how terrible (and impatient) I am. But A's (the Singaporean lady) kids are so well-behaved. Her 20-months toddler even wants to sit on my lap! Well, that's a first. Haha. Smiling and giggling at all the goofy stuffs I did to him. Such a charmer, he is. Her 5-months baby, apart from being the biggest 5-months baby I've ever seen, is such a happy baby, all cute and adorable with his gummy smiles.

We then talked about everything under the skies. From living in Norway to our health concerns. From their pregnancy and birth experiences to places to visit during summer. Towards the end of our meeting, I can conclude that I was never this happy while being surrounded by kids.

Does that mean that I'm ready to have one on my own?


sumpit said...

think i can handle toddlers pretty well, but newborns are a whole different story. Heck, i kinda think they hate me, judging from the cries they make whenever i try to hold them.

I also think you can never know for sure when u ARE really really ready to become a mom. I know I wasnt. But when u start feeling those tiny little kicks in yr belly, tht's when u know u cant wait to become one ;)

...and oh, the feeling you get, it's as if you've never loved anyone as much as u love yr little one, never mind tht u've yet to meet him... and appreciate yr mom even more :)

btw, i think u are more than ready ;)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

:) welcoming moose' junior

Qistin Fadzin said...

yeahhh, baby oslo satu!! ;)

oldskool_devil said...

haha. hubby told me he's going to introduce me to the wives of the Malaysians here. i like to call em the WAGs (wives and girlfriends).

i'm trying to hold this off for a little bit. dunno if i can ever fit in, you know? they most probably already have cliques and whatnot... *shudders*

on another note:

my sister told me that having your own kid will be different. i was pointing out the hardships/renyah my sister has to go through taking care of a 5 yr old toddler + almost 2 yr old baby who can never sits still, and that i could never be as patience nor as caring as she is.

how she could do it 24/7, plus a business to take care of, is beyond me.

hats off to all the mommies out there.

Moose said...


ahh the words of a mom-to-be. hehe.


can i call you firah? lol! wags. nice one. makes you feel like those wags of famous english footballers. to say that i completely fit in is an achievement cos i am not with them. tapi i think okla, at least takdela sunyi sangat. boleh buat kawan time boring.

Wifey said...

Mussssssssss, is this a hint?
if yes, yeahhhh for 2012!