I know it's inevitable not to have stretch marks during the pregnancy, but at least a good stretch marks cream/lotion can help to lessen and alleviate its appearance and itchiness that comes with it. I've been looking for an all natural or organic stretch mark cream/lotion to use since the beginning of the pregnancy and my first choice would be the Natural Stretch Oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby but sadly it is not available in Oslo.

Upon reading, I came across Burt Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and based on the many reviews, I was sold. The price might be on the high side at 429 NOK (RM230) but it lasts long. Bought mine when I was at week 13 and despite religiously applying it to my tummy (almost) every day, a container can last me even till week 40 (or more!). The texture is thick so a little application goes a long way. It has cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E, the 3 important components that you should look for when purchasing a stretch marks cream/lotion.

I bought Tanamera confinement set and this set comes together with the highly raved virgin coconut oil (VCO) and since then I've been alternating between these two products. Normally, during the day I use the Belly Butter and at night I apply the vco because I'd smell like a coconut cookie afterwards. Hehe.

I love both products because they are easily absorb by the skin, leaving no oily residue and yet your skin feels very moisturized afterwards. But then a good stretch marks cream won't help much if you gain weight rapidly and too much during the pregnancy because your skin will stretch out too much, hence leaving a mark. So in order to combat that, the weight gain progress must be slow and steady and at the same time applying cream that is high in vitamin E (shea & cocoa butter) helps in making the skin more elastic.

At 33 weeks so far, I have yet to see any stretch marks appear buutttttt, I'm praying hard that it won't appear AT ALL. Or even if they decided to make an appearance, I pray that it won't be that severe and ugly.

Sounds impossible? Huhu.


Tahirah A. said...

My stretchmarks timbul at around 36weeks..stress gilaa

cicayanki said...

I started applying when I tested positive! LOL. I'm also using Belly Butter. And then Kouhei bought me Mama& Kid's Natural Mark Cream (Japanese brand). Both on the pricey end, but so far so good, love them both!

That Tanamera set bagus tak Moose? Thinking of getting a set lah nanti.

Take care!Seven weeks or less to go!

farhana shamsuddin said...

i guna bio oil.. last 2 weeks b4 deliver x pakai.. then skrang bersepah2 strechmark

Moose said...


So I guess we can't run away from it la kan? Sigh.

Moose said...


Can't comment much on tanamera's set cos haven't use it yet. Hehe. But so far I love the brown scrub soap & vco. I beli the set pun cos I know that I won't be taking any jamu & this set to me looks more convincing than others in the market. Must be they packaging cos I'm such a sucker when it comes to the packaging. Lol

Moose said...


I pernah guna bio oil & don't like it cos it's too oily & not easily absorb by the skin but some people swear by it so it must be good kan?

Tryla guna balik mana tau it can help lessen your stretch marks

LisaLisut said...

stretchmarks i muncul masa 7bulan.then lps beranak mak oi jadi sgt pekat color dia like hitam mcm tu.mmg i gain weight sgt la tu smpai mak i pn ngeri tgk. i kdg2 lupa nk apply vco tu.haha.then harini br tgk kt cermin makin lama color dh makin pudar.i think it works.haha kalau mak dia ckp ala mama dlu xpakai ape,dia hilang sndri lama2.haha

balkidz_hunny said...

Aku pakai Palmers & Bio oil. konon² lega, takde nampak. sekali dah masuk 7bulan lebih dia muncul, pastu gatal yang amat. lagilah aku gatal nak menggaru.
pastu amik kauuu! sampai sekarang ade lah lagi, tapi dah samar2 lah. hahaha

Moose said...


i baca, stretch marks klo awl2 tu memang red or purplish in colour. over times it fades into silver-ish colour.

Moose said...


aku ni baru start gatal2. cuak ok. tiap2 hari aku check kat cermin. haha. tapi kalau dia nak keluar tu, redha jela kot. at least klo letak lotion maybe kurang sikit kot

sarahsayangjiman said...

aku deliver at 27weeks..nasib la awal..takde stretchmark..tapi perot lahaiii...cam org pregnant lagi ni.