Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental
On your humble flat, or help you at the automat
Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end
But square cut or pear shaped
These rocks don't lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
-Diamonds are a girl's best friend [Marilyn Monroe]
Gitu opening entry sudah jelas kelihatan materialistic nya. Well, I got a request from a reader saying that she knows nothing about diamond and such.

I am no expert either and since sharing is caring, I like to give back. Macam ala-ala Idols give back la uols.

Ok, when choosing a diamond, or diamond ring you need to know what your priorities are. I am sure most of the b2b are already expert and well-versed in the 4C criteria but fret not, I will still explain about it.

Ok, what are the 4Cs? Or for some like me, 5Cs. HA HA HA.

(Cash!), Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.

These are the characteristics that you need to know in choosing the perfect diamond ring for you.

I will explain in in layman language or according to my understanding la eh? Malas ko nak explain panjang-panjang.

Cash - no need to mention. Self-explanatory. HA HA HA.

Cut - not to be confused with shape. Look for the brilliant cut or triple excellent. But those with certificates normally fall under brilliant or triple excellent cut.

Clarity - is a measure of the internal defects of a diamond or inclusions. Most of these inclusion cannot be seen by naked eyes. Some certified diamond do include the position of the inclusion in their cert. I have seen one but I can't recall from which, it's either from IGI or AGS sebab I know GIA doesn't include it.

Colour - sila rujuk rajah dibawah. The color for diamond ranging from D for colourless to Z. Diamonds that are out of the scale normally refer to as fancy diamond. Macam engagement ring J.Lo tu colour pink. Mariah Carey if I'm not mistaken pun colour pink, eh ke canary yellow? Actually there's not much different between D, E or F to the naked eye. Even the jewelerer pun cannot differentiate between D and E coloured diamond without special equipment. If you don't have the budget to go for a D coloured diamond, go for E or F. The price different is about RM500, which is a lot if you don't have big budget.

{click to enlarge}
This is the most comprehensive diamond chart

Carat - is actually the measurement of weight not the size. Tapi biaselah, benda berat mestilah nampak besar tak? Macam orang la jugak kan. Tapi mana tau lah kan, kot ada orang kecil molek tapi berat ber-tan-tan? Ish, tu bela hantu raya ke ape. Ini, paling kecik ke paling besar. It's limitless, depends on your Cash and your personal taste. Haha. Kot kaya-raya bolehlah beli Hope Diamond. HA HA HA.

Ok, one of my friend tanya perlu ke beli diamond yang ada cert? Kalau takde cert tak boleh?

My answer would be, boleh but... how would you know the real value of your stone? As we all know, without the cert, a diamond is actually a stone. It's not that valuable. Besides, how would you know that the price you pay is worth your money and not totally the jeweler's workmanship?

Now that the 4C's is clear, it's time to set your priorities. Which one would you look for in your diamond (ring)? Is it the size that matters the most? Or the colour? Clarity? Cash? Like I said, it all depends to the individual.

As for me, my priorities are;

(Cash!) (aku cheapskate, so sadap! haha) > Cut > Carat > Colour > Clarity

We already got my bling but before I found the one, I tried on every possible rings that caught my attention. From 1 carat to 0.2c. At first of course la semua perempuan pun kalau boleh nak pau diamond besar-besar kan? Ala, mengaku jela. Jangan tipu! HA HA HA. I am no exception either. Kalau boleh less than 0.5c tu tanak pandang langsung ko! Kemain berlagak macam duit berkepul-kepul. But after I tried out every single ring, I realised that big bling is just not me. No doubt that I can carry big bling because I'm tall as per said by the SA but deep down I just know it's not right. I don't know how to express this properly but you know what they're saying right,

when you know, you just know.

And that's how I found THE one.

So, what's your preference?

Coming next, where to hunt for the one?.


sophisticated bridezilla said...

masok bab nak tgk kejernihan n kualiti ni sume, i fail HAHA =p

but i totally agree babe,

Diamonds are DEFINITELY a girl's best friend (forever) hehe

i pon dah jadi materialistic hehe =p

cik yaya said...

i'll always love princess cut.huuuuuuu

HAHA.idol give back tu tak tahan lah kak

reena said...

Thanks for the entry. Serious i tak tau pape pasal diamond whatsoever. Masuk De Gem last week, baru skit2 pasal 4C tu. Hehe.

Moose said...

clarity semua tu normally the SA akan kasi ko tengok kan? selalunya tak nampak to the naked eyes pun. penat aku teropong microscope kecik dia tu. haha.

aku suka princess cut jugak! or any squarish cut cam emerald semua tu. tapi SA DeGem cakap, for first diamond, go for round brilliant. 2nd, 3rd diamond baru carik shape lain. haha

no prob babe. at first 1 pun sama, totally clueless but i did some readings here and there, wikipedia is the best source. then go ring hunting pun the SA explained here and there. lama2 even my fiance pun dah terer ko! jangan main2! haha

Ami Schaheera said...

if commercial diamond or diamond w/o cert, akak habib tu cakap harga cincin or items tu akan jatuh separuh harga if bawak pi kedai emas (incase nak trade in ngan something else yg lebih modern cut)... tapi ye lah wedding ring takkan nak pi tukar kot huhu. i love my certified diamond, dlm gelap pun leh bling2.. baru sedar value sebenar diamond bila experience sendiri hihi

NahWaL said...

moose sorry komen lambat, tadi aku ada penutupan audit acecece

ada ke laki aku kata, boleh tak kasi diamond je, takyah ikat dengan cincin. wahahhaha. aci tak

sumpit said...

i dont like huge diamonds la, ntah, rasa cam x cute. 0.5 is just perfect for me. Tp tatau la, diamond sizes ni often go along with age (and the depth of yr pocket) kot. Tp right now, i'm happy with something small, xde la sangkot2 bila pakai gloves, and attract attention to my bony fingers :)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

sama, aku pun, i settle down with small diamond sb rasa sangat sesuai, tho ofcos beria2 tgk diamond besar lawa nih, haha, aritu aku pun try various size of diamond, makin besar makin buruk, salu ikut jari kita kan, bila pakai tu instantly u know which size yg suit.. :) i like comel2 je diamondnya..

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Mine is just 0.2c but I'm satisfied enough. Anything bigger than that, it looks not right on me cause I have petite hands. My ring size pun size 8, imagine je lah. Itu pun macam longgar. Ha ha ha.

Brilliant Rose punye diamond ade 66 facets. Lazare and HOF ade 58 facets. The other day I went and checked Brilliant Rose and OMG!! Superb ok diamond die.

But..I am more than happy with my ring. He bought me my dream ring so why should I complain right? Itu pun dah burn a lot of holes in his pocket. Ha ha ha.

ZARA said...

most of u have small fingers. well im differ. even when aku tak gemok mana. jari jemari tetap macam gajah. well according to a chinese uncle its the hand of a taukeh niu :) Amin.

so i'll probably go for 0.5c or 1c. as for the other c's, i dont know. dah nak besar diomond nya yg lain kena cikai lah kot.

tapi my dad was a diamond collector. dia kata nnti dia carik mana dia letak. sbb dia tau bakal menantu dia cikai so dia ingat nak bagi je diamond yang dia ada and bg kat our designer.

so jimat duit. kalau kecik diomond my dad, kecik lah. kalau besar alhamdullillah. hehe

Moose said...

diamond w/o cert tu akan jatuh harga sebab the initial amount that we pay is the jewelerer's WORKMANSHIP cost sebenarnya. that's what i've been told la.

dah tu ko hot glue gun kan batu tu dekat jari ko, gitu? kot klo baju bolehla buat ala2 kristal tampal kan? haha. lawak siot

0.5c tu kire besar la jugak. and true diamond besar and setting tinggi sangatla mengacau pergerakan tangan.

Moose said...

ikut jari and personally jugak kan? klo jenis yang graceful je sesuai la kot pakai besar2. kot cam aku yang clumsy tak tentu pasal ni, errr cam tak sesuai je!

size 8 and still loose? man, i feel like i'm freaking giant! my siza is 101/2 but i go for 11 for that extra space (just in case i'm fat later) haha. mine is also small but i love it regardless!
brilliant rose tu from carat club ke?

you're so lucky!! best gile ok bapak diamond collector! omg boleh pilih diamond besar2. haha. my friend's gf pun bapak die gem collector. dah siap cakap lagi dekat my friend, kot klo nak kawin or tunang, pilih je and gems from his collection. best!!!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Nope. Not Carat Club. And don't go to Carat Club for diamond anyway. Overpriced but the diamond is of less quality compared to Lazare, HOF or Brilliant Rose.

Dekat Pavillion ade Brilliant Rose punye stor. Tingkat 4 kalau tak salah, near to Nose. Singaporeans like Brilliant Rose better than Lazare or HOF. I got this info pun after reading a forum from Singapore comparing the diamonds from BR, Lazare and HOF. Because BR punye facets and the pointing arrows lagi banyak, the cutting is more refined and intricate so it shines better than both diamonds.

Tapi sebab I've bought my engagement ring and only plan for a band for the wedding, so mcm takpelah. Tgk2 je. Kalau x beli lg, for sure I'll consider BR. Huhuhu.

NahWaL said...

agak agakla moose. HAHA. hot glue gun tak tahan.

sarahsayangjiman said...

0.5 besar gila kalo i pakai.. dah ala2 bintang hollywood dah.

I tried 0.3 ari tu dah bleh nampak dari jauh dah..rasa cam besar giler.

Maybe sebab my ring size 5 kot kan. kecik kan?

Masa nak resize cincin tunang hari tu problem. tak semua. Tapi size 5 ni pon loose sket..tapi better kot dari amiklagi kecik.

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

0.5 is big u know, haha, aku punya tak sampai 0.5 dan udah selesa bangat.. elok la untuk org low profile, wakakaka statement tak tahan.. well i prefer small tapi comply with the rest of C's

ko size 11, apsal aku size 13? haha.. tak tak, aku pun tak tau size ape, boleh? tak ingatlah, cuma belah rotan masa risik je besar, masa try ok, dah lama2 loose, takut aku, haritu aku main pukul2 ngan adik aku, sekali aku hayun tangan terpelanting sudah.. eh ok, dah lari topik.. bai!

Moose said...

oh i never knew this BR before! nasib baik dah beli wedding ring. haha


omg, kecik gila saiz 5 je! aku pun size cam double dari ko. gila. now i feel like some freaking giant with large fingers.

yes 0.5c pun besar aku try aritu. sebesar harganya jugak. hikhikhik. aku punya pun tak sampai 0.5 low profile cam ko jugak. aceh. nak jugak tu.

sumpit said...

betol la, gedabak 0.5c tu.
Bengong betol aku tatau size diamond.

After second check, aku rasa half of 0.5 pon dah ok for me, else, kena lak aku buat lobang kat glove aku.

Byeti said...

hai saje nak mencelah...sangat agree about diamond with cert. penting utk value of the diamond. tapi in my case..I tak kisah pun. sbb dari zaman bila pun tak suka pakai cincin or barang kemas. aleh-aleh dapat bf-soon-to-be fiance over la plak. dia yang sgt cerewet.siap ada requirements gitew.
- GIA diamond
- the carat dia yg tentukan. kelakor tak? i pn tak kisah.
- yang lagi sgt la over..even the design pun dia dah tetapkan..he want something classic.solitaire only.

hope u dapat la cincin yang best. hehe..


Moose said...

sumpah lawak, besar sangat diamond sampai kena buat lubang dekat glove! haha

bestnya you..bf fussy and knows about diamond lagi! bf i memula dulu blur je bila i dok cerita pasal carat semua, bila SA tu dah banyak2 kali cerita masa duk survey2 cincin baru dia paham.