MAYDAY MAYDAY! Wanna Look Gorgeous On Your E or W-Day?

Ai tak dapat komisen macam SA Jakel pun. Hiks.

May I have your attention please. I decided to help spread the words.

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I know most b2b nak amik Ayang Kamell as their MUA but cannot sebab he's fully booked and all but now is your chance! If you're getting married on that day and still haven't got any clue on who's going to doll you up, then it's your luck because he's available on 25th Sept. 2010!!

I'm just helping out another b2b friend of mine. Since reception dia shifted to night, Ayang Kamell is not available on that slot. But she paid the deposit already so she can't have it back unless she find a replacement.

Hey, she got her deposit back and you got Ayang Kamell. It's a win-win situation, right?

For further details, please contact Nahwal at nurun_nawal@yahoo.com


NahWaL said...

hugs. mwahs. haha.

thank u dahling. Ai OW U!

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Hmmm.. Not me since I'm married already hehe..