Meeting The Designer

Both fiancé and I met the designer for the first time on Saturday, last week.

I shall not reveal the designer's name because everything is not confirmed yet. Once it does, I will tell, ok?

Our appointment was supposed to be at 12 noon but due to unforeseen circumstances, *cough* bangun lambat *cough* it was postponed to 1.30pm. I bought along few print outs and inspiration pictures for my dress(es). We had to wait for few minutes because she had another appointment with one of her client *cough* Aishah Sinclair *cough*. Unfortunately we didn't bump into her. Massive disappointment.

We had a small chat and I showed the the pictures and explained how I envisioned my dress(es) to be. She jotted down the necessary info and give some feedbacks.

Initially I wanted the bottom part of the dress to be pleated. I have a "thing" for anything panel and pleated. Oh, and cutesy Peter Pan collar. But she advice me not to do the pleated bottom thingy as it will not turned out as flowy as I like it to be. It seems to me that she can read my mind! Not even once I mentioned that I want the bottom to be flowy. So no pleated bottom for me.

She will get back to me with the quotation, the proposed fabrics and sketches of the dresses (and veils!) by end of April or early May so I guess until then I just have to wait. But she assures me that the total price won't exceed 1.5k. Well, that's a relieved.

Some tips from her that I'd like to share:

  • If you're planning on hiring a designer to do your wedding dress(es). Please don't buy the fabrics beforehand. Some designers much prefer if they buy and use their own material. Sometimes the material you buy is not that suitable for the design that your heart's desire. In certain cases, the fabrics would be a waste if the designer refuses to use it. Another reason being, not all design or style use 4 meters of fabrics. Some only use 1-2 meters only e.g. lace.
  • If you have not buy the fabrics yet, discuss your preference and let them buy it for you. Designer can get the same fabrics at a much discounted price than we usually can get.
  • Always plan your time well. The ideal time to start meeting and discussing the design or sending fabrics to tailor is 5-7 months before the wedding. Ours is 8 months. A tad too early, I know but I can't help it. *Bridezilla alert*
  • Always come prepared. Know what you want beforehand is a plus. Designer can't read your mind. If you cannot convey your vision through sketching, bring photos of your dream dress.
  • Don't afraid to ask of what they think. Sometimes they do know better than you. Or what suits you the best.
  • If you want dresses other than in white, it helps to bring the desired colour palette.
  • Do not waste your money buying solstiss lace that costs your arms and legs. French lace is cheaper and beads can be sewed onto it. Besides, solstiss lace is difficult to cut and sew as the beads will interfere. It takes longer time for the designer to do your dress. Longer time = higher labour cost, hence you'll be charged more.
Oh, I can't wait to see the sketches!! I do hope that she can deliver exactly what I want.

P/s: Have you seen Hunny Madu's wedding dresses? Psst, the designer did all Hunny's and her bridesmaids' dresses.


reena said...

Wow! Good tips Moose! Can't wait to see ur wedding dress!

Xora said...

tambahan: pandai2 berbaik dgn designer pasal ada designer akan bagi tips beli kain kat mana dan lagi best pasal diorang bagi kita pakai nama diorang dan dapatkan harga jauh lebih murah!

NahWaL said...

hasil berym sampai 6 pagi . hahaha. aku pagi tu terus tertido tak subuh. konon2 pasang alarm wahahhaa. tak sabar beb menunggu.

aurinh said...

whoa... great find. who's the lucky designer. the dress already sounds great moose... :D

adda_shariff said...

bestnye..!! tp 1.5k tu only for ur dress ke both for ur fiancee skali..? my "appointed bridal boutique" kata kalau nak tempah-sewa it might cost me around 2k for the bride&groom attire....gue miskin (tp nak pakai bj cantik...hoho)

p/s: bj hunny madu cantik giler kot..kalau menjadi u dgn d designer mesti awesome..!

Cik Belle said...

moose, sure ur baju melets punye! hehe. all the best dear~

adda, standard la harga 2k, baju baru kan.. hikhikhik.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Who Moose? Who? You're keeping us in suspense hehe..

You know what Moose, I so agree with you on so many² things. I think what matters about a wedding is the marriage that comes after it. And to spend a bomb on clothing, deco and the other stuff can be a real waste of money.. A rocking honeymoon and a chill-out crib is a little more important that just a nice wedding.. ;)

Ami Schaheera said...

love the tips moose! and i love hunny madu's dress as well! bagus awak start buat awal2 eh. can't wait to see it :P

Anonymous said...

solstiss is a brand for french lace lace, it has the unbeaded types as well. its better to get french lace rather than those korean or japanese lace. french lace is soft and nicer, u will not get the kain alas meja effect.

hope ur dress will turn out nice :) gud luck for ur preps!

YOU CAN CALL ME : Miss X said...

hhha i know who! nahwal dah ckp ngn i before. NH kan? yeay! good luck moose! muahx!

NahWaL said...

miss x : haha. eh bukanlah! babap dia

Moose said...

i can't wait too!

betul tu! lagi mesra dengan designer lagi banyak benefits! friend with benefit la katakan. haha

gile la kite. dah lama aku tak buat kerja haram jadah macam tu. hahaha. terus rasa hang over kejap pagi tu. eh pagi ke aku bangun? cam tengahari terik je...haha

NahWaL said...

yang aku tau, aku bangun dah panas. HAHA> dah bukan sejuk2 nak tarik selimut. terus tolak selimut hahahahha

Moose said...

will reveal the designer once everything is confirmed! i don't want to jinx anything!

i went to jedan pkns the other day. diorang cakap tempah sewa is about 1.8k not incl. men's attire so I guess that's normal. may i suggest that you tempah je baju since the cost would roughly be the same. better yet, you get to keep the baju. later maybe you can rent out or sell ke? takpun just sewa je. sewa dekat jedan is about 1k++ for ladies.

oh dear, if you knew me, my taste is really simple. i don't like elaborate design. and to say that my dress will be meletop tak kot. you'll be surprise to see how simple it is.

Moose said...

haha. patience is virtue. will reveal soon once everything is confirmed! insya Allah. so far, i have good feeling about the designer. her style is exactly like mine. clean cut, chic and timeless. kinda minimalist, calvin klein-ish.

glad that lots of b2b or ex-bride share the same value as i do. i really don't want to spend much on wedding so that's why i am kinda tak senang duduk sekarang since the designer can't come out with the quotation on the spot. i am afraid i can afford the price tag. i would rather spend the money on private villa in bali during our hornymoon! haha

buat awal2 sebab jadi bridezilla! haha. hunny's green dress is so simple! i didn't even know it was designed by the designer. my fiance and i even talked about it on our way to meet her!

Moose said...

yup, now that i look up the net, yes solstiss lace is indeed a brand for french lace. thanks for the info.

miss x:
camno ni? haha. takdela nak surprise sangat. it's just that i don't want to reveal unless it's confirmed. I am that ridiculously superstitious!

Moose said...

aku pun tolak selimut terus! lepas tu sakit jantung kejap tgk jam dah tengah hari. lagi bape minit nak masuk zohor! hahaha

NahWaL said...

HA HA HA. aku awal sikit, kol 12. itu pon aku dok sorang2 kat umah, semua orang dah kuar, makan pon makan mcd. hahaha

adda_shariff said...

thanks for the suggestion moose! will definitely survey jedan after this! =P

reena said...

Babe, ya lah u ni buat saspen tau. I pun tak sabaq nak tau who's the designer!

Cik Belle said...

i know who.. hihi.. all the best moose~

HipHopLess said...

Oooo... prepare for the most stressful time coming up to your wedding day.


sumpit said...

yes, as pretty as solstiss laces are, they're bloody difficult to work with. My mom alwaysss charges extra when the customer comes with those, tp mmg x dinafikan sgt lawa... :D

Moose said...


no prob hun. glad to help.

nanti i reveal. tunggguuuu. haha

cik belle:
gigih google la tu. haha.

yup, planning a wedding is indeed streeful!

solstiss lace is indeed lawa tapi bloody expensive!

Cik Belle said...

takde la gigih pon. cuma pernah terbaca kat entry nawal.. hihi..

Cik Belle said...

so moose, da confirm buat baju ngan die eyh? mesti cantek nanti ur baju.. suke baju hijau HM.. all the best moose!