First Wedding Gift


Few weeks ago, one of my aunt went to State. And I being the opportunist that I am, took the opportunity to request few things from her. Among the stuffs that I requested are:

  • handbag (Designer's goodies are dirt cheap compared to here. Anything that is last season can be slashed up to half of its original retail price)
  • fiance's leather shoes (also, half of its retail price in Malaysia)
  • Victoria's Secret lingerie!
HA HA HA. I am sure most of you get excited over the last item. I am too! Well, initially the lingerie supposed to be my gift to (ehem, clear throat) to my future husband (aka fiance). Kinky thought? HA HA HA. Better keep those thoughts to yourself. I don't want to turn my sweet innocent blog into something X-rated.

Few minutes ago, my aunt IM me on Facebook saying that she got the lingerie that I requested and she's giving them to me as a wedding gift since she didn't know what I need/want for our wedding gift. And the money for the lingerie can be allocated to something else. How thoughtful!

Ladies, feast your eyes on these sexy, sultry lingerie from Victoria's Secret!

(Geez, I sound like a pimp)

pictures are all from Victoria's Secret

Mine are among these. HA HA HA. Good luck guessing which one.

Now ladies, will you excuse me. I have to run on the treadmill for 5 hours a day to actually get Miranda Kerr's body.

*panting heavily*


thezaila said...

aaauuuww.. sexeyyyy...

ZARA said...

My guess would be the black polka dot. hiks hiks.

NahWaL said...

moose, are u related to me? HA HA HA. sebab kalau lah ye, makcik ko tu lupe kasi adiah kat aku jugak. HA HA HA. nak jugakkk!!! (gile apsal bunyik lain macam ni?)

reena said...

Oh myyyy! Err..I nak teka black polka dot jugak la :p

Moose said...

yup sexxxaaayyy!!

nope! keep on guessing. haha

masa ni baru nak ngaku related kan? haha.

teet! salah. haha.

NahWaL said...

ko suke benda simple2. im guessing the first one haha.

eh eh. yela kan. bukan ek? wahhaa. mahal tak nok? pm me

the miss bride-to-be said...

smokin hot!

beli semua la dear. i bet mr future-husband akan sgt2 teruja. haha.

sumpit said...

dah kata miranda kerr, i'm guessing yg miranda kerr pakai tu la... kot :P

btw, i registered with the uni gym for the summer sem. Gigih nak do something with my bodey hehehehe. Kalu dah tinggi, kurus, nampak lurus. Need to pack some muscles n fat (at certain places, macam la boleh!) before october :D

Ami Schaheera said...

bestnya! i also got kinky gifts from diah & hubby's girls colleagues hehe. i suka yang warna hitam first & purple tuuu :))

Cik Belle said...

wuwuuu.. hihi. i suke yang pink, yang 1st one! hehe.

sumpit said...

eh, baru terperasan ada 2 miranda kerr, then i think the first one kot... tht one is a lil' more innocent2 like..

chenta said...

ohhhh...yang nombor 4 itu sangaattt cuteee...:D

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

They're all super hot and kinky.. Love the 2nd one and the polka dot one.. Is that the one you got? Hehe..

Moose said...

cam pandai ko teka. ting ting! kalau convert, lebih kurang harga La Senza je. I mean yang aku beli harga La Senza la. Lagi mahal pun ade tapi buatpe beli mahal2 nanti nak kena koyak gak. Oooopppsss.
Kidding! HA HA HA

the miss:
rabak poket i kalau beli semua. haha.

exercise jangan tak exercise! i think depends on your body type jugak. my ex-PA cakap, if your body is a sprinter, it's easier for you to pack some muscles. but if your body is more a long distant or marathon type, lambat sikit la. but arms muscles are the easiest. perut cam lambat sangat!

Moose said...

eh PA plak. bila masa la aku ber-PA plak ni. i mean personal trainer. yup, the black lacey with pink trimming tu one of mine! hiks.

haha. kinky la your colleagues tu! kalau i sure blushing gile2!

cik belle:
kan?? cantik!

cantik kan?

i baru perasan masa i buat this entry yang 2nd one tu. masa i ask my aunt beli tak perasan langsung!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I'll be having a month training in the US next year and you know what? I'm gonna shop like hell for lingerie items! HAHAHAHAHA! They are super cheap there ok! Like serious!

Coach is dirt cheap too but I think I want to hunt for Gucci! A nice colourful Gucci leather =)

Moose said...

bestnye!!!! yes, pls do shop for lingerie items. they are much cheaper there and the options, designs are limit-less, unlike here. boring sangat. nak kinky designs that are tasteful pun takde.