Hand Bouquet

Normally, when we're talking about bride's hand bouquet, the most popular and common flowers to use is the rose. We or I rarely seen any bride use anything other than roses. Roses are pretty yes, but if every single bride in Malaysia pun use roses as their hand bouquet, it can get pretty boring and stereotype, no?

Actually there are vast selection of flowers to choose from apart from rose, that is. You can or may choose orchids, calla lilies, carnations, hydrangeas and the list continues to accompany you down the aisle.

For my hand bouquet, I'm thinking of using other flowers than roses. So here are some of out-of-the-box ideas.

The bride is using baby's breath as her hand bouquet. Picture courtesy from Snippet & Ink
Right: Unknown flowers. Picture from Ebay

Mixture of flowers than I don't know. HA HA HA
Picture courtesy from Snippet & Ink
I was Google-ing for another (exotic and uncommon) flower when I come across this,

Pictures courtesy from here and here

Beautiful, aren't they? The flower is called plumeria or frangipani. Or bunga kemboja in Malay. You can have them FOC and abundantly available at the graveyard.

*bunyi cengkerik*


But it's true, right? All you have to do is ask the permission from imam of the mosque or any committee member yang maintain the graveyard in your area. Ngeeee.

For those who are interested in DIY them, kindly go to this site or here

Now that I look it, frangipani hand bouquet was not such a bad idea! Who knows, I might have one for my reception? Courtesy of the neighborhood graveyard, perhaps?

HA HA HA. Bongek Moose.

p/s: Bapak aku sure ingat aku gila and out of my mind if I suddenly ask him to pick the frangipanis at the graveyard. Other than graveyard where can I find it? I know they don't sell it at the normal florist shop.


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I love calla lilies and hydrangeas but I am not sure if they match together in 1 bouquet. Haven't seen one combination.

Anonymous said...

bunga kemboja byk kt kuil hindu. boleh beli situ jugak tp mahal sket. petaling street pun ade jual. murah.

sumpit said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA, baby's breath!!!
Don't tell me u're seriously considering that too?

I already told my sister to get the florist in alor setar stock up their baby's breath supply in september... ingat nak buat cam top pic tu la kekononnya... :p

reena said...

I agree with u that roses dah boring. i suka DIY. Boleh simpan.

NahWaL said...

haah haritu aku tengok orang buat bouquet gune baby's breath, santek nok.

u are definitely not a rose kind of girl. aku ingat nak gune lily. so nice!

Moose said...

I love calla lilies and hydrangeas too! but i have to be realistic la. kot kat perlis such flowers are not readily available.

thanks for the info!

oh, you're planning on having baby's breath as well ke? hahaha.
i guess budget friendly bride macam kita ni do have the same idea. tapi cantik kan? i mean simple and tak pernah lagi b2b guna this kind of flowers in malaysia.

kannn? cliche sangat. balik2 pun bunga rose. no wonder harga bunga rose pun mahal.

on the contrary, i love roses actually. my fave is white roses. tapi for wedding, aku rasa nak try guna bunga lain. lilies cantik nok! esp. lily of the valley. nampak very classy and sophisticated.

the miss bride-to-be said...

frangipani flower sgt beautiful!

i think nw dh byk dkt tepi jalan or rumah org. byk org dh start tanam dat pokok bunga kemboja. ask 'em for permission n ur gud to go kot. haha. :D

Fiebie said...

dont know the second one, but it look like white berries. the 3 one tu roses, carnation and pompoms ala ala one big happy family.

the 4th one is eustoma. very popular nowadays because of its off shape. takde bau, though i look mushy its very tahan. eustoma can last for 1 week without withering. eustoma is inexpensive. for a bouquet like that in the picture you need one bundle harga dalam 25 ringgit.

and that franggipani is to die for... but orang melayu selalu associate bunga tu dengan kematian. and dia cepat lebam.

Moose said...

the miss:
tula actually dekat rumah2 pun banyak orang dah tanam tapi saje gedik cakap dekat kubur je kan. haha

tu dia akak fiebie dah mengomen. taktau plak eustoma very tahan. but yes, it is inexpensive compared to roses. i even considered the idea of using frangipani as my hand bouquet tapi kalau cepat lebam tu tanak la pulak