Get Ready To Get Carrie On

Me and you. Just us two- isn't it sweet?

I'm a huge huge huge fan of SATC. I have the whole DVD collection that I watch over and over again. Thus, when I heard that the second movie is coming up on May 27th, I'm so dying to watch it!

I was still in Germany when SATC the Movie hit the big screen and I watched it within 1 week when it first aired, uncensored. Aah, the perks on living overseas esp. Germany where censorship is a foreign word to them. As we all know SATC will never going to be aired here. The only place or country that I can go is Singapore.

So sayang, can we have a short one day trip to Singapore sometime in May, lets say on 27th?



ZARA said...

can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

sarah said...

ye mesti tgk! :D
oh kat msia keluar, tp censored jela memanjang..xbest, the sexy part pun ada script kan? hehe

Moose said...

tula pasal too bad it wont be aired in malaysia!

you mean in malaysia they DID actually aired SATC? the series la kan? not the movie? sungguh tak best censorship in malaysia. no kissing? but nothing harmful about kissing. boo-hoo.