Pening (Lalats)

Dear Readers,

I need a favour from all of you. Does anyone ever encounter, have any experience or opinion about these MUA:

  1. Emma Mustafa
  2. Surya Zainal
  3. Razlan Bahari
  4. Khir Khalid
  5. Elle Rahman
  6. Chot (never hear of "her" before, got it thru CuteCarry's website)
They might not be famous in bridal make-up but some of them are the big names in local fashion/make-up industry. For example, Emma Mustafa and Surya Zainal are one of the Shu Eumura black book artist. Sort of like, the league of professional and established MUA.

As you might have guess it, I'm still in the midst of looking MUA for my wedding, both reception and solemnization. For tandang, I decided to just hire Kak Liza but still have not made any confirmation yet. My fiance dah mintak tolong his mom to ask kak Liza. Good, one burden lifted off my shoulder. Thank God.

I am very fussy about appearance. Which does not help as I don't want to spend more than RM1000 for make up. (that incl. transportation and accommodation, y'all)

Cheapo, I know.

Let me be frank, I like natural make up. With sexy smokey eyes. Ok, nothing natural about smokey eyes but you get the drift. No thick foundation and bright blusher.

I have 3 main priorities for the wedding.

One, the dresses.

Two, photographer with a quirky sense/style. Not a big fan of romantic poses that make me hurl.

And three, appearance i.e. make-up.

I though I'm being sensible enough. I don't care about bunga telur/pahar (not going to have any btw), pelamin, hantaran (decoration) or even wedding favours. Well, I just know what I wanted to give out but didn't want to think a lot about it. I even already called the supplier and had everything sorted out. What still pending, is the actual order.



sumpit said...

eh, our priorities sama la!!
Tp taste, maybe not.

anyway, geng2 shu ni ramai gak.
ada lg MUA2 lain e.g. dinie, sheila mohamad sapa2 lg tah yg x easily accessible on the net. Tp rata2 standard 1k gakla.

wht i normally do masa mencari2 was to go tru their list of frens kat facebook, and cari sorg2, penat giler!

Liza is nice, i spoke to her on the phone a couple of times, mintak sugg lg. But then again, kalu masuk outstation charges, mmg skit aaa + accommodation + transportation lg. So now tht u got her for bertandang, bole la relax skit ;)

Xora said...

pening2 pun, tapi seronok gak kan? jgn tipuuu.. mesti seronok gak tu :P

ZARA said...

no idea on all said MUA. Im sucks at this. But. i like what u said about the photographer. quirky aye?

i finally have a decision on my MUA today. Already picked the cheapest in town.

It was certainly a weight off my mind :) I did not have to worry about it any more. hihi.

Good luck to u though!!!

YOU CAN CALL ME : Miss X said...

moose! liza sgt reccomended! i amik her for engagement!!

ps: prolly will upload my makeup photo soon? ;p

sumpit said...

yes, saw the photos. miss x sangat cantek. her eye makeup with a hint of pink suits her dress perfectly. Pipi licin gila. Tp tataula, maybe without makeup pon dah mmg cute.

think if anyone can afford liza, hire her. I highly recommend her. She sounds really nice on the phone. If only her outstation charges arent so outrageous... (for me yg budget ciput ni)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

moose, i dont know the muu mua semua.. hehe.. tapi kan sangat betul, everything on us is damn important, cos kita nak pegi jumpa guest on big day of cos with our dress and make-up, kita takde nak usung tray hantaran sume, bunga pahar sambil jumpa guest kan, haha, sorry sangat sarcastic, i likeeeeeeeee!!

NahWaL said...

aku pon tak dulik. tapi janji cantik. janganlah sampai macam bunga telor jadi batang ngan telur je santek. lain2 tu rambu ramba tu eeee...buruk lah aku tengok kedai2 kat sini!

apa la aku mepek ni. tak tau pon MUA tu haha sorry.

good luck mate!

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

haha..I ngan Nahwal pon same. Xde la kesah sgt ngn MUA neh, tapi pandang2 la jugak bukan MUA yg cam tak bape kenal..

I pun xkenal MUA yg u cakap kecuali Emma sebab I penah tengok die mekap alyah mase shooting :)

btw, gud luck eah! i follow u n link u dear :)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Wish I could help but my MUA was is located in JB. Besides, I don't think you're being cheap, i think you're being sensible.

Agreed. The dress, the photography (+ videography) was key for us too. Memories fade, photographs last forever.. ;)

Sha Pattinson said...

why don't u try tiar zainal ..dia lest than rm1k ..if in KL lah ..i buat make up dgn dia masa bertandang kat mantin dlu ...dia baik ..

Moose said...

kak liza tu belum confirm lagi. but i already ask future MIL to contact her. die cakap ok tapi belum contact2 lagi. haisshh. sesak dada aku kejap. Bridezilla alert!

yup. aku pun buat cam ko. go to one MUA and go thru diorg punye friend list. gile stalker.

tak seronok langsung!! mainly because i'm very serious whenever i do my job and this is part of the job!

i look for quirky-ness in photographer cos i like to pose pelik2. haha. glad you've found your MUA, im still in panic mode cos havent found one to my heart desire's yet

Moose said...

miss x:
you cantik, of course sape2 make-up pun jadi cantik! hihi. and yes pls upload your makeover soon! i wanna the the gorgeous outcome

ok aku sungguh suka komen ko. tak dapat aku imagine mana bride yang pi usung hantaran/bunga pahar ke hulu-hilir. haha

haha bunga telur. sib baik aku tkde bunga telur.

Moose said...

ni la susah kalau taste tinggi tapi budget ciput kan. i pun ade survey bukan MUA jugak and some of them punya works are not that bad.

sarah, i dah email gia but he still didnt get back to me. prolly cos he's busy kot. can't agree enough. memories last forever!

thanks for the recommendation but i think tiar will cost a bomb. my reception is in perlis. so no big names in wedding industry for me. for tandang i already decided to take kak liza but that one is subjected to availability

idayusof said...

i pernah dgr chot. one of my friend amek die jd hairstyler during her engagement. santek la.

tapi on make up x pernah tgk.

yang lain-lain, ade yg pernah dengar, tp x pernah tgk depan2 mata.

*ye, saya prefer yg dah dpt tgk depan mata sendiri rather than dalam gamba je.*

alaaa, u pon chantek ape. mekap2 sikit2 mesti dah naik seri. =)