Wedding Registry

In western country, most couples opt for wedding registry. Me being the practical person that I am, really hope that some day this trend would come to our shore and be practiced by every soon-to-get-married couples! It such a headache to choose wedding gifts for your married friends because you don't want them to end up with 6 rice cookers like my mom! And I also believe that you should give what the person's need/want rather than what you think they want/need. That's why I prefer it if people tell me what they want for birthday gift or whatever.

I believe, kalau you bagi apa orang tu nak and they use it accordingly, you'll get the pahala. Well, provided that they use it for kebaikan lah. Tidakkah itu lagi indah dan bagus? Rather than, diorang biar things you gave them inside the store or sitting on top on kitchen rack, collecting dust?

My fiancé also agrees with me on this (finally!). Maybe we'll come out with our own wedding registry list on Facebook so that choosing a wedding gift for us would be less headache for you. We're not being meminta-minta dan tak bersyukur dengan apa yang diberi. It's just that, if you want to give us something, please give things that we really need.

We're just being practical.

We're so lucky that our juniors in Germany want to buy us wedding gift(s) and most importantly, they ask us what we want in order for them not end up buying the wrong thing! Initially they wanted to give us something from WMF but we already had their famous cookware set and knives! So, we told our juniors that we will come back to what we want for our wedding gift soon!

Most of them will be back during the summer holiday this coming July/August and that left us with about 3-4 months time to finalize with the item that we want!

These are among the items that I want:

WMF pressure cooker, KitchenAid standmixer (so that mixing and baking can be done in style!),
Krups coffee machine
(I am a big coffee drinker though I drink less lately)

My fiancé wants this:

Personally, I think that a baby stroller is tad too early. Haha. (pressure!)

But I do really hope that (one of) our wedding gift is this:

A 5 days stay at luxurious villa in Bali!

Yes people, Bali will be out hornymoon destination. We're so smitten by Bali and since 8 years ago, we vow that we will spend our honeymoon in Bali!


ZARA said...

my parents was against doing wedding registry for our wedding, but my bf and i decided to do it anyway. Just for friends, colleague and close relatives. might doing it on FB as well.

i think everybody should do it, as u said bukan nak meminta-minta. but rather than they buy things that we won't use, kan?

m thingking of going to Bali for our 'Hornymoon' as well... but Greece is more tempting... Tapi still undecided. budget wise... tu yg undecided. kihkih

reena said...

I agree sangat lat Malaysia patut ada wedding registry. Sebabnya memang pening everytime member kahwin tak tau nak bagi apa. End up sampai sorang member i ni dah nak bersalin next month (dia kahwin last year), and i still tak bagi hadiah kahwin dia lagi! Haha. Btw, stroller tu menakutkan i. Cam baby boleh tergolek je (Pranoid mode on).

sumpit said...

eh, apa wmf ni?
apsal aku dah kat 2 thn kat sini pon x penah dgr brand ni...

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

for me i opt for money instead of gift.. haha mata duitan! .. atleast i can spend it buying something i need rather than bagi benda yang mungkin org lain pun bagi..

wedding registry pun sangat cool.. we should have local one.. ni sume mat salleh punya jek..

sophisticated bridezilla said...

HAHA totally agree ngan huda. i pon mate duitan. instead of gifts, i would love to buy the stuff according to my taste - kononye mcm taste aku ni hebat HAHA =p

ahaa wedding registry tersgt-lah cool but then, the oldies will never ever gonna accept this in our culture, nanti pasti pokcik mokcik akan berbunyi seperti ini "haish, ape nak ikut org puteh, kite kan ade budaya kite" loteh mak nak dongar~

NahWaL said...

apsal ss semua mata duitan ni ha? HAHA. moose, ko datang wedding aku, kasi aku duit je. kalao ko nak kasi periuk nasik, ko beli rm50 punyer kurang2, aku jual kat orang dapat rm50 balik. HAHAHA.

but kalao aku buat, sah sah mak aku kata aku gile. tak pon buatnya aku buat, tetibe takda orang nak bagi. lagi haru hahaha.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Babe, one question.

Villa mane dalam pic nih? Info please? That looks stunning!!

Ami Schaheera said...

best kan if kita mengamalkan wedding registry. macam dept i sume tanya dulu apa yg i nak so i listkan all the electric appliances yg perlu la kan haha. but still ada kwn terbeli mixer yg brand + model sama walaupun dept i dah hebah2 kat sume orang apa brg yg dibeli supaya tak sama. turns out she was busy at that time and rasanya tak read email kot.. kesian dia, but dia cakap nak tukar with another gift from my wishlist.

macam best je villa kat bali tu, mana tu moose? btw that kitchen stand-mixer looks so sexy pls!

Moose said...

Greece is so cantik. masya Allah, the view is breathtaking. I never been to greece but one of my friend did during his honeymoon.

serius tak kenal WMF? WMF tu german cookware and knives brand. their knives' price ranging from 60-200++euro. cookware die toksah cakap la. set sudu garfu boleh smpai 1000euro kot. but that one is silverware la.

yes, we all b2b should have one! aku sgt pro benda2 practical ni. kasi duit pun lagi bagus but ade setengah orang segan nak kasi duit sebab nanti orang tu tau la die kasi banyak/sikit. kalau barang ni less segan sikit sebab buang tanda harga! haha

Moose said...

haha. bila aku cakap kat mak aku, aku prefer orang kasi duit je. mak aku dah buat muka semacam. betul, lotih gak nak mendengar orang tua bebel2 pasal benda baru yang tak pernah dibuat lagi. tapi aku selalu cakap, kalau kita tak start buat, sape? eceh, kunun nak jadi pioneer la tu. ahaks

ss tak mata duitan. ss just being practical. haha. periuk nasik tak dapek la rm50. tu yang kecik ala2 masak masa pegi piknik tu dapat la kot. tula pasal, poyo2 buat wedding registry lepas tu orang menyampah kan, terus boikot tanak kasi. haha

Moose said...

it's aston bavana villa in seminyak! gila meletops villa dekat situ. harga pun meletops jugak. almost rm700 per night. nangis.

bestnye u! colleague so sporting and ask you what you wanted instead of main sukati beli je. at least they know, you'll be using their gifts kan? i like that. at least kita dapat pahala kalau hadiah kita bagi orang guna. but some people just don't get the idea. dia ingat kita ni berlagak!

the miss bride-to-be said...

i think among my close family, friends and colleagues sgt2 la blh apply dat thingy coz they dun want to end up beli benda yg last2 i dun use it. malangnya we still got org tua2 yg rs its not nice tu choose wat u want (meminta2). but then again my close family, friends and colleagues je pun yg akan bg us presents kot. :D

Moose said...

aiyoo, i missed out your comment. sorry! stroller tu sangat comel. gila, my fiance wants our jr. kasi stroller. pressure! haha

the miss:
tu la selalu nya close friends, family and colleagues je yang kasi present ni. orang2 lain tu takde pun.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Once again, I very much agree with you. Maybe it's because we both lived in Germany muahahahaha..

We tried that too babe, a wishlist for our wedding. You can still see it on my blog. Naturally, it didn't work. Sigh. And yes, now we have several items that are sitting in a store that we don't know what the hell to do with.. X_X

wedding gifts said...

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