I am in love with my fiance for so many reasons.

One of the reason is, he plays the guitar.

I always have this "thing" with men who play the guitar and skateboarder. I didn't get the latter but I am glad he can play the former.

I always had jelly knees whenever he played me songs. Or at least songs that I could sing to, as he's more into strumming spanish, mexican gibberish kind of songs. Or classical or whatever terms he calls it. You see, I do not have any music background. The only time that I played any musical instrument was during weekly music class that we had in primary school. And I sucked at it, but to my defense we do not have an actual music teacher. Our school is so small that we had to "borrow" one from another school. Sedih kan?

The first few months we're dating, I didn't know of his talent. I thought that he's all talk and boast so I didn't bother. At the end of our preparation program, he and his little group wanted to performed on our grand dinner night. And I being the loyal and supporting girlfriend and all, joined them for a jamming session. Then, my fiance played the intro of Hotel California. Solo. With the goreng and all. I was awed. Wow, this dude who is my boyfriend (at that time) was awesome. So cool! I was melting. And out of nowhere, my cheeks turned hot and red. I was blushing for no apparent reason. I was melting! HA HA HA.

Occasionally, when I visited him at his place back in Germany, I would made him listen to whatever current songs that I liked, and made him played the song with me singing along, of course. Heee heee. When the song Lucky by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Calliat was played on the radio, I said to him, if only I'm not so tone deaf and could actually sing, I'd be Ms Calliat and you'd be my Jason Mraz.

To which he said, I'm Jason Mraz and you are the katak that panggil hujan.

*Crying Wailing out loud

The other night, I jokingly ask my fiance,

"Sayang, would you play me song during your reception later?"

"Oh, didn't plan to but why?"

I laugh nervously (and cover malu),

"Oh nothing, I though that you'd play me at least one song. Urm, as surprise or something. Heee."

(The truth is, I wanted him so play me a song. But so damn malu as I don't want him to call me hopeless romantic or anything. I am not romantic!)

Oh sayang, please serenade me with your guitar!


reena said...


Babe, kasik High 5. Kita taste sama. I pun suka guys yang main guitar & skateborders. Dulu nak carik bf yang main skateboard je. Tapi, dapat yang main BMX. Cuma geng je budak skate. Hehe. Nasib baik bf sekarang terer main guitar :p

Part katak panggil hujan tu kelakar!

U ugut la dia. Kalau tak mau main gitar masa wedding, tidoq luaq. Hahaha :p JK

NahWaL said...

memula tunang dulu he has this thing of singing songs with me over the phone. sumpah malu ahhaha. gile sumpah malu hahaha. aduhai

the miss bride-to-be said...

auuwwww how cute of u dear. :) i totally knw d feeling bl u go all damn cair when seeing ur bf/tunang/etc main gitar. :D

**aiyo2 m all blushin pula coz tonite i'll be joining my en. rocker pergi jam. hahaha. :p

cik yaya said...

nama pon surprise mus.ko tggu je nanti :p

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Go for it babe! Make him sing!! Hehe.. I actually wanted to sing at our wedding, ingat nak surprise the hubby with "Love Song" from The Cure. Skali we cancelled our live band setup, so... Tak jadi.. =(

Eh babe? Your fiance's from Germany?

aurinh said...

my hubby tone deaf - tak reti nyanyi langsung.. I also wish that he'd sing to me sumday.. but he'll say that singging to your gal is too gay. :P

teruskan memujuk tunang anda.. caiyok!!

Moose said...

i was going through a phase where i was so attracted to bad boys (looks). haha. lucky i get over that phase fast! tak boleh ugut, nanti he'll come out with tanggungjawab isteri then i'll be doomed!

sib baik tunang aku tak macam tu! haha. melambung bil klo asyik nak nyanyi kat tepon. nak nyanyi pegi redbox la oi. haha

Moose said...

kan?? tak pasal2 blushing. pelik sungguh!

kalau dia buat surprise la kan. come to think of it, i don't like surprise!

it'd be so damn cool kalau you nyanyi lagu for ur hubby! cam ala2 siti nurhaliza. haha. ok, bad example.
no, he's not from germany. both of us used to study there. so during weekends or every fortnight or whenever we're free, we always visited each other la.

hahaha. he thinks that's gay? cakap dekat dia, there are lots of things that are much gayer than singing to your wife!

NahWaL said...

dulu je time memula tunang. alkisahnya feeling lebeh. HA HA HA. aku pon dari tak ingat lirik tetibe teringat kan. nyanyi sesama hahahaha maluuuu!!

sumpit said...

sama la kita, tho' he doesnt play the guitar anymore, he's convinced that he sings much much better than me huhuhuhu... but i admit aku mmg tone deaf skit, tp kalu nyanyi mmg tak tahu malu... :p

btw, jason mraz is the best! i once naik mitfahrengelegenheit sorg2 dgn x reti ckp germannya n pura2 tdo all the way to stuttgart semata2 nak tgk mraz... :D

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

If you like guys with guitar, I am weak over guys with baju melayu + songkok + sampin =).

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Tidak! Most definitely not Siti Nurhaliza! Hehe..

OOOoooh.. No wonder la.. Kannst Du immer noch Deutsch sprechen? ;)

Ami Schaheera said...

romanticnya if he plays for you on your wedding! u guys buat reception kat rumah or dewan eh? if dewan macam nice je idea ni :D

Moose said...

ececece nawal, malu tapi mahu. hahahaha. klakar ok nyanyi2 dekat tepon.

damn! i miss jason mraz concert when he was here and masa dekat germany. in fact i did miss a lot of concert. too absorb in books (kononlah)

that is one of my weakness too! aren't boys look so darling in proper baju melayu?

Ja! Ich kann noch immer Deutsch sprechen aber mein Deustch ist echt kaputt! Ubrigens, deine Mutter ist Deutscher, oder?

welcome back miss bride! romantic memang romantic but the thing is, I am not sure whether he will play the guitar or not. macam tak je..haha
his reception insya Allah will be held at a hotel. mine is at my home.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Nein, nein! Es ist ueberhaupt nicht kaputt! Es ist eigentlich ganz gut..

Und ja, mein Mutter ist Deutsch. Und ich war ja auch in Deutschland geboren.. ;)

Moose said...

Echt? Na ja, ich habe immer gedacht,dass mein Deutschganz schlect ist. Es ist eine Uberraschung wenn jemand mich uberhaput verstanden hat. HAHA. Wo in Deutschland warst du geboren? Ich habe in Sigmaringen, einen Teil von Baden-Württemberg studiert.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Tja, Dein schriftliches Deutsch ist ganz gut. Ich mach leider sehr oft schreib fehler (das kommt davon wenn mann nur Deutsch sprecht aber nie die Sprache vernuenftig gelernt hat hehe)

Ach wirklich? Das ist ja dann auch ueberhaupt nicht weit weg von uns. Ich war in Duesseldorf geboren und meine Grossmutter und tante wohnen jetzt in Gelsenkirchen..

Wie lange warst Du denn in Deutschland?