Second Best

When I was small, I always come second best. That no matter how hard I tried, there will always someone better than me.

For example, no matter how far I jumped in long jump, or how fast I ran or swam, there always someone who will manage to break my record. In other words I'll always be the one who would comes in second (or third).

When I was in Form 2, my mother and I made a pack. During that time, I was so crazy about roller blade that if I were to score 8A's for my final exam, my mother promised me she would buy me one. And so I did and even better, I got 2nd place in the whole batch. See? Second? I told you so. I got a reward (and recognition) from the school but until today, I never got my blades as promised. Mom had used whatever power she had over me and exchanged it with something that she thought would be better, a pair of shoes! How uncool a pair of shoes was to a 14 years old girl compared to a pair of roller blades? Exactly!

When I was in Form 3, I think, I scored 97% in my Science exam. I was so damn happy thought my marks was the highest in batch but someone scored 1% more than me and I'm second highest in batch. See? I'm always second best.

So I went throughout my life thinking that no matter how hard I tried and whatever I did, I will never be the best as fate would or have decided that I am only second best, to anything. Well, just in case my fiance read this or my blog, I AM the best thing that could ever happened to you. No doubt about it. Period. Ha ha ha. Ok ok, and you're also the best thing that could ever happened to me. And I love you with every mitochondria in my eukaryotic cells in my body.

(Nah, amik kau, revision session of Biochemistry. Tu belum masuk Pharmacology lagi)

So when I found my wedding ring today, I am deliriously happy because finally I am not second best (to my fiance). My fiance had bought me the best ring of (one of) the best diamond and comes with the best price that we could get! Yes people, 8 more months to go and I've found the one! And it matched the engagement ring I had on my left ring finger. I intended to wear both rings on the same finger in the future so matchy-ness is a major factor in choosing the ring apart from the 5C's. (Cash!, Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity). Oh no words can really express my feelings right now.

If only I can wipe off this stupid grin on my face. I have a meeting to attend the earliest thing tomorrow and I have to put up a serious face! How am I supposed to do that when I'm all over the clouds inside?


Drama Queen said...

heheh...I know that feeling!
I had that same feeling too when I found my wedding ring. Best kan?
Well, enjoy it babes. It'll feel a LOT nicer on the nikah day when he puts it on ur finger - trust me.
Im so happy for you! :)

YOU CAN CALL ME : Miss X said...

hey babe!
u're not the only one... in my family, i'm always the second best. scored during exams, make parents proud since school loves me a lot coz i represent the school in many areas; be it many kind of sports, debate, etc... but parents still love brother more. that's how it goes in my family, since i'm the second child, no matter how hard i try to win their heart, i'm always the second best. primary years, never failed to get the number one spot, but father still love my eldest bro. secondary, form2 memory, my very first B, i was harshly scolded by father during dinner. ;((( even when i got 2nd place in my batch out of 14 classes ok? but father scolded me for not getting number 1 in the batch whilst abang hardly even get an A! quite rebellious when i was a teen, i even decided not to further engineering and quit it bcoz my father sgt pushy! even stayed at home after that,for a year doing nothing until i venture the art of arts course; my father didn't talk to me for 3 months bcoz i'm not her science brained daughter any longer! i proved him wrong, graduated my bach hons as best student (tho in arts kan? hahha) with 3.90 cgpa. at least he knows i'm the best in what i'm good at. hahahahaha but alhamdulillah... now i'm a grown up, i rasa (rasa je la ) parents appreciate me more than the rest. (haha perasan! ) but true i think...
anyway, congrats sbb dapat ur dream ring!!!! i'm happy for u! insyaAllah ur hubby will make u the best of the best; no more second best...

chenta said...

ohh sangat pening fikir pasal cincin sebab memang zero knowledge pasal cincin,emas,karat,dan yang sewaktu dengannya!! care to share any tips dear?

NahWaL said...

bapak aku suke siko weh. dia kata nobody remembers runner up. people dont ask "who got number 2?". pressure gile kot membesar haha. but then when we're bigger, we know that we're grateful sebab parents push macam tu. and sometimes we're mad cause we'd ask q's like "y didnt u push me into being an artist? i loved singing!". contoh je okay. haha

eh eh. aku pon tengok cincin jugela. tapi macam tak berapa kisah cincin apa, boleh? daripada umah, aku prefer umah than cincin hahahhaa.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I know what diamond ring you got! Hehe. It's the best feeling kan? That's how I felt too when I got mine. Knowing that person is willing to give the best. Just love that feeling kan? Pastu tak boleh tahan gatal nak pakai like I did! Congrats babe!

reena said...

Yeay sudah jumpa your ring!

*Tumpang happy* :p

Moose said...

draman queen:
best sgt! i'm so over the moon even yesterday my fiance text-ed me, "sayang..do u miss ur ring?"

haha. i so can't wait for that moment where he slip the ring through my finger.

miss x:
oh so sorry to hear about your story. luckily my parents didn't compare us siblings but i think somehow my younger bro and sister kinda feel the pressure growing up. i don't want to blow my own horn but my sister said to me few years ago that it's hard when your older sister excels so well in studies and life. i am flattered hearing this but i just want to be good sister and show good example to them. it's not my intention for the to feel so inferior.

Moose said...

ok will do an entry about diamonds and rings but i am no expert either. do look up on the net, i'm sure there lots of websites that can help you.

ayah aku pun agak saiko kadang2 tapi masa sekolah rendah jela. die tanye kenapa dapat 90%? kenapa tak dapat 100%. harus aku nangis masa tu. ingat senang ke nak score 100%?
tapi i'm grateful sebab i push myself to the limit when studying though sometimes i regret for having so much fun masa dekat uni and ended up not getting that excellent grades. but oh well, benda dah lepas kan..

p/s: ko nak jadi penyanyi ke nawal? best ok jadi artis. masa kawin berebut-rebut orang nak sponsor ko. takyah buat muka kesian kat parents. HA HA HA

Moose said...

sssshhh!! haha. masa beli tu, i was so over the moon and couldnt wipe off the stupid grin on my face. seriously! nasib baik cincin my fiance simpan. kalau tak harus rasa asyik nak pakai je....haha

thanks!! mucho gracias. danke!

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