Good Will (Hantaran) Hunting

I had so much fun with my fiance last Sunday! Gituh teruja sungguh aku.

We went to Pavillion untuk survey barang hantaran and wedding band (for him) since I know Tiffany & Co. is there. Ok, bukan mampu pun nak beli cincin Tiffany & Co. tu but I read in WLT's blog that ring for men starts from 2k.(?) Jadi hajat untuk survey lah.

Confession: I've never been to Pavillion before. Been pestering H to take me there for so long, tapi ada dia dengar cakap aku? No! *akak keciwa sekali* So kali ni ape tebiatnya tetiba setuju nak pergi sana kan.

Note: Kitorang memang totally clueless when it comes to jalan in KL. Memang depending on Garmin jela. And that's why whenever we went to KL, we prefer to use public transportation. Sekali Garmin kasi address Pavillion silap ko. Dekat sejam la jugak dekat area Bukit Bintang tu carik Pavillion tu tak jumpa. Tak ke sedih? *akak taktau nak cakap apa*

Last sekali he called his cousin and she directed us there. Clap clap to Kak Yati kerana telah berjaya menjadi Garmin bertauliah!

I'm in my lazy mood, so I did not dress up at all. Dah tu selamba masuk semua fashion boutiques yang ada. Tolak Hermes, Chloe, Gucci and Prada je kot yang kitorang tak masuk. Yang lain-lain tu semua kitorang redah and surprisingly some SA are very nice and friendly while some just plain don't.

We feel so welcome in Cole Haan, serious "akak" SA tu friendly sangat u'ols. Sukati je laki mak try kasut berkoyan-koyan dekat situ. (Doubt: ke "akak" tu suka dekat laki mak u'ols?) Oh, Braun Buffel punye makcik SA pun baik. Silalah pergi situ.

Oh ye, my fiance tried few wedding bands in T&Co. dan dia sudah jatuh chenta sama this one platinum ring! Sudah, mampus aku. Mana nak cekau duit sayang oi. Tapi serious (harga) memang cantik. *nangis*

But be prepared to fork out at least 4k untuk men's platinum wedding band. Balik rumah, korek balik entry Ashylla and oh, rupenye2 not platinum yang starts at 2k tu but titanium and less than 2k boleh dapat. Aiyoo, haruskah melihat T&Co. lagi macam ni? Yes definitely!!!

Ok, hantaran hunting is so much fun. Tapi tak fun bila nak membayar!

p/s: Authentic branded handbags in online store are much cheaper than retail! Who cares if they're 2 or even 10 seasons back. I know, I don't!


NahWaL said...

aku pon tak kesah kalao season 10 dulu. macam american next top model aja. 10 season dulu. my bad.

fenin aku baca banyak sangat akak dalam cita ni. HA HA HA.

ko beli apa beb?

Zetty said...

kat program Nona (TV3) last week ada tunjuk collection of wedding dresses yg lawa...i immedietly thought of you. try carik clips dia kat website TV3..menarik ok.

Drama Queen said...

If you like a certain ring design, boleh je get the photo from internet and bring it to Habib or Degem to do the same design. That'll be slightly cheaper than tiffany price and sometimes, better quality even. You're just paying for the name. Having said that, my hubby's wedding band pun we bought from Tiffany! We were told by Degem not to ever buy anything, especially diamonds from tiffany cuz the quality is not that great.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Yo Moose! Species lelaki memang macam tu, my hubby pun sama. Initially we were looking at getting our rings from Selberan, kat situ pun he pilih a platinum ring. Nasib baik Selberan takde anything I like so we decided to get ours from Love & Co instead. Kalau tak, pokai aku hehe..

And since you're on the subject of shopping for barang hantaran, you can check out my other blogspot. Kat sana memang rajin post sales and what not's..

You + Me & This And That..

reena said...

LOL! Pavilion tu dah macam taman mainan bagi i. Tutup mata je nak pi sana. Wakakaka! :p Waaahhh berlagak di situ :p

Kalau susah nak jumpa Pavilion, u pi ja KLCC, then jalan kaki to Pavilion. KLCC-Pavilion jalan kaki dalam 10 min je beb!

Kami selalu parking kat tepi Novotel Hotel. Murah. Sekali masuk RM5/RM4/RM3 (depend masuk kol berapa).

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I love love love Tiffany & Co's platinum wedding band collections! I have always wanted a couple's rings, exactly similar designs for both of us =)

But if you want diamond, don't go to Tiffany. Definitely overpriced and diamond is of less quality. You want good quality ones? Go Lazare or Hearts on Fire. Lazare is like well known, no introduction needed but HOF is a bit unknown I guess? If you do your research online, you'll see how much HOF is raved internationally. And from my personal experience, comparing both diamonds in real life, definitely HOF has more sparkle!

We've got some of hantaran items crossed out too last weekend =)

Moose said...

tak beli pape pun..baru nak survey2. kot mana yang berkenan tu, aku nak pesan je kat junior2 aku yang still kat germany nun, aku tau macam sana lagi murah..haha.

wah so baik hati. ok will find the vclips in youtube later! thanks!

drama queen:
i swear i almost got a heart attack when i see the diamond price in T&Co. You mean, any design at all? like lets say, even the T&Co. design? wow, that's and option since my fiance is so smitten by the ring. he act. couldnt care less about any ring but boy, you should see his face when he tried that ring on.

Moose said...

where exactly is Love & Co? Never come across that shop before. Haha. Went to Selberan KLCC before while we're searching for my engagement ring. choices are quite limited i muss say.

i know boleh jalan kaki from KLCC to Pavillion but we don't know where! haha. teruk gile kan. this happens when Sunway Pyramid is only 10min drive (minus traffic jam) from your home kan..and we rarely go to other place. that day we park our car at wisma cosway, right in front of pavillion. whole day baru rm3.50!

well good for you! i want hantaran stuffs to be settled ASAP so I can allocated the budget to other things. I think price-wise, Lazare is a bit expensive compared to HOF, dont you think? But dulu masa carik cincin tunang, none of HOF's design got my attention. Lazare got much wide selections/choices. But design-wise, i really love Estrella by D&P and my engagement ring is inspired from Estrella. :)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Love & Co. ada satu boutique je kat Malaysia and its on the 2nd floor in The Gardens. Next to entrance Isetan.. ;)

Drama Queen said...

Yup u can do any designs you want as long as you bring a photo with you. Try DeGem...they're really good!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Yup, price wise Lazare is slightly more expensive. But trust me, the quality is similar.

Selection wise, mmg HOF sket compared to Lazare because HOF focuses more on loose diamond, not ready made ring. Babe, go customize your own ring! Beli loose diamond and select your casing. All the jewellery stores should be able to do that for you. I got my engagement ring customized too =)

Estrella pun nice! Hari tu ade pegi tengok their collections, sangat2 cantik! Gaga..I can go crazy talking about ring je. Hihi.

sumpit said...

yup, i customized mine too. Got it at habib. We chose the diamond at one branch, and bought the casing at another (Their ready-made rings dont really appeal to me). And due to the lack of time, i only had 1 day and half to buy it.

So honestly, this is my first time reading about all these love & co, T & co, lazare etc. Tp xpe, as simple as it is, I still love my ring to bits :D

Tp ko bukan nak beli ring for urself kan, so why are talking about diamonds? hahahaha, aku pon dah confused.

Btw, my bf was also asking about platinum rings, matilah aku...

lg satu btw, u said "muss" instead of "must"... still got the deutsch in u eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

I've found u!

your dearest :D