Supposedly Your Birth Day

This entry was meant to be published on 1/11 tapi semenjak jadi mak budak ni blog agak sedikit terabai maka lantaklah labu.

Dear Son,

It's amazing how time flies. Five weeks ago, your father and I were wondering how it would feel having you around when the day finally comes. Truthfully, I can't even remember how it feels not having you around. Ok I lied, mommy used to have enough sleep. Hehe. But that doesn't matter but I guess you already knew that or else I won't be waking up almost every hour to cater your needs.

Yes, the first couple weeks of your life were hectic. It broke my heart to see tubes and wires attached all over your tiny yet strong body. But you, my feisty little dragon braved it all.

We couldn't thank Allah enough.

Now here you are, with your cheeky and tiny self, lighten and brighten up our day, every single day without fail. And did you know that today is supposedly your birth day?

I guess even you can't wait to meet us.

Happy 33 days old, Aqil Qays.

Love, hugs and kisses;



sumpit said...

ko pon tak swaddle gak ek, mus?
kalu ada next baby, aku nak buatla. Babies senang sgt terkejut, pastu terbgn.

Moose said...

Tak pun. Balik rumah ingat nak bedung turned out dia tak suka. Siao struggle kerut2 muka nak keluarkan tangan. Maybe sebab duduk nicu dulu takde sape bedungkan jd dia dah biasa. Bila dia tidur kitorg just wrapped his blankie around him

sumpit said...

Haaaa, bedung. Aku selalu confused, bedung, bengkung, barut... Apsal nk sama je nama2 tu, buat org confused je...