Make-Up Artist (To Be Know Later As MUA)

Seriously, planning a wedding can cause massive headache! I kid you not. B2b will surely aware and would agree with me on this.

We have to scrap the initial plan of having a poolside reception. As much as both of us hate the idea of having a reception at a hotel, we have to just follow. We put up a good fight but lost and sadly, life must go on.


I'm currently looking for a MUA for our wedding. Frankly speaking, I don't want to spend much on make-up. I find it ridiculous to spend over RM1000 just to "paint" your face. But if you're willing to spend more than I do, by all means please do. Kak Sai is actually H's mom's cousin. But I don't know if she's willing to do my make-up for something (way) less than she normally charge. You know, harga sedara-mara pun ada limit kan?

So far, the only thing that is done is dulang hantaran and guest list. My pomander balls are not even finished and so does the boutonnieres (I know, I'm taking my own sweet time here).

Can anyone recommend me any MUA worth taking and most importantly affordable i.e around RM500-ish? Kindly need your help. I so busy coping new things at work nowadays that I need to eliminate wedding-y things that can caused headache ASAP. The earlier I can complete my check-list, the even better.


hidden.wing said...

kak sai's assistant, liza? cheaper than kak sai, then dpt discount sedara mara lagi murah lah ;D

the miss bride-to-be said...

for berapa event u want dear?

NahWaL said...

Lova 550. aku baru book dia. book RM100.

Ayang kamel 550 jugak. 100 jugak book.

cik yip murah tapi berkilat sikit.

carik raja fina. dia santek gak buat.

That's so Jaja said...

i took ayang kamel and liza for solemnization & reception. both are rm550. but i prefer liza's work! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Adnan Jaafar rm500
If amik utk 3 event dia kasi diskaun.

Moose said...

i belum usha lagi liza's work. do you know any b2b that took her? the only person i know is diah. might as well email her later. thanks!

the miss:
so far my side belum decide la siapa tapi since my hometown in perlis, i klo boleh tanak ambil MUA from KL since outstation charges gonna cost more than the service itself. well, unless i can find someone who's price is reasonable la. any recommendation?

the miss bride-to-be said...

since i have no idea langsung psl mua dkt perlis, i can only recommend u yg ada dkt kl je. since byk recommend yg mua bagus2, i pn nk bg my recommendation jgk la. try check out raja fina. she blh nego psl transportation fee kot. coz she always does. yg i knw her la.


hope this will help yea. :)

Moose said...

aku suka lova. so far lova is in my mind. tapi before that nak carik lagi. dah suruh fiance's mom tanya how much kak sai wanna charge us (harga sedara) if way out of our budget, carik orang lain la. ayang kamel cantik tapi ntahla cam kuat ke arah lova. make-up style diorang cam sama je kan? ke?

mind if i ask why do you prefer liza's more?

care to share his contact no?

idayusof said...

i amek munie ahmad utk semua. 350 je satu event.

Moose said...

the miss:
thanks for the super quick reply! will try to contact her soon

NahWaL said...

haah sama. hati aku kata lova pasal dia pempuan. hu. kecewanya aku. dah dah tamo cakap dah.

munie ahmad santek ke? ada member amik gak tapi not so keen. aku suke yang smokey2 itu. oh lova kenapalah ko kecewakan aku huhu

the miss bride-to-be said...

:D no prob n ur welcome dear. kita mmg ddk dpn pc pn. bekerja smbil on9. haha.

hope u'll find one yg u suka. good luck! nnt let us know which mua yg berjaya dipilih. :D

sumpit said...

This is also my major cause of headache, serious, tak main2.

i've asked liza, 1500+,
mainly sbb transportation dan time dia kot, accom blum masuk. Tatau la if bole nego lagi.

Kelrina tak ok ke? alena buat hari tu cam cun gak, http://butterflyinframe-daramanisku.blogspot.com/. reasonable gak, i think, campur everything bole jd <1k.

lova ok gak kot, tp i didnt ask for the details sbb dia x available on my date. Tp somebody commented somewhere dia makeup kekadang cantik, kekadang cam main taram je, so tatau la.

lain2 x jd tanya sbb bukan pompuan :(

sumpit said...

eh, jap, ni utk bertandang ek?
huhuhuhu... now i'm left planning for my pool sorg2...

kat melaka, anil recommends salima, ok rasanya...

weh, perlis still kak ram ke? dia laki la weh, but if u hv no prob with tht, xpe la. mine, my bf x bg pulak. nikah ambik gak kot, time tu blum kawin lg hehehe (ckp cam setan je :p)

Cik Belle said...

Moose, try add facebook Lova. banyak gambar bride yang die makeup. boleh tengok-tengok. goodluck! =)

reena said...

Nurul Shukor? *Larikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk* Kekekee :p

hidden.wing said...

tak sure any b2b, but 2 of my bffs hired her & in fact, i attended diah's majlis which liza did the makeover..consistency of these 3 results convinced me to hire liza to penang..quotation given was nearly rm2k (1 makeup + 1 touchup)as we've to bear her outstation cost too (not including transport+accom) - i cancelled cos obviously too much since 2nd tu just touch up..

for rm500+, u cant bring lova to perlis. dia ada outstation charge too & if you tak pakai tudung, she'll bring lisa for hairdos & ada additional charge lagi. that rm500-ish lova charge with lisa only for KL. yang best about lova, she didnt mind naik bus to our place..some MUAs agak kekwat if kasi bas je :(

Leeds Al-Malique said...

hi moose,

kalau kat perlis you boleh try Bridal Anggun Saujana, my MUA untuk malam nikah, gambar kat sini http://leedssecrets.com/?p=582

yang mekap i tak silap nama kak lily, tokey la, diorang dua beradik tokey, kakak dia pun ok rasanya.

Leeds Al-Malique said...

ooh yer, mekap i malam nikah tu rm80 jer :) but kena pi mekap kat butik, kat kangar je, diorang memang tak pi rumah.

Leeds Al-Malique said...

Ni no phone Anggun Saujana, 0124700165(liena),0124628169(lily)
Butik dia dekat Seriab, area kedai baru bukak, depan proton :)

Anonymous said...

Adnan Jaafar 0173782764

Moose said...

ok but i'm not too keen on her style. but thanks anyway.

kite ni sehati sejiwa. aku pun tak bape keen on munie ahmad. oh aku suka lova. aiyoo lova ni dah mandrem kita ke ape. haha

rasenye alena amik lova gak bukan kelrina. ni untuk tandang actually. tapi i tanye je sekali untuk my side. alang2 kan. kalau sume mahal i amik kak ram jela. gotta ask qis how's her make-up on that day later

cik belle:
i dah add lova, dah msg dia pun tapi belum balas lagi

hmm i tak suka nurul shukor punye make-up and mahal lak tu. alang2 amik nurul shukor baik amik sue cantik terus!

Moose said...

hidden wing:
2k for make-up? wow, i can get a ring with that. this is for tandang actually. for my side prolly i'll take local MUA from kedah or penang. lagi murah i think. or if you have anyone to recommend? really appreciate that

anyhow i dah msg lova dekat FB and just see how much she gonna charge me. if within my tolerance, ntah2 reception i, i amik dia. haha. we'll see about that.

ok will check them out whenever i'm in perlis. thanks!

Ami Schaheera said...

amik la lova! haha actually kalau i pun prefer perempuan :) but my MUA pun in a package so okey je lah.. cam i cakap, i cadangkan u buat test mekap dengan diorang dulu before book (if u rasa nak betul2 confirm okay with ur taste la kan :))

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Hey Moose! Hehe.. I loike the name, Moose. Moose on the loose.. =D

Your wedding kat KL eh? Both my nikah and reception buat kat JB so I got my ex-college mate Gia who happens to be one of the top make-up artists in JB now to do my make-up. I was so lucky, he only charged me RM500 for two days (even though kitorang salin baju 2 kali masa reception tu). Berminat ke? Cos he travels to KL too..

Moose said...

i nak lova! tapi dia belum reply my enquiry lagi! for my side, susah2 sangat i amik kak ram (as per suggested by qis) or alfad je (kot). hmm. dah pening!

my reception will be in perlis but tandang in shah alam. can you gimme his contact? if he's willing to travel even to perlis and rate is reasonable, i dont mind!

That's so Jaja said...

Moose...i dont know exactly how to describe my makeup butut most ppl and my family members told me that liza's mekeup lagi better. One thing i can tell that makeup dia mmg tahan. Ayang Kamel's by the end of nikah i dah rasa start nak cair bila start berpeluh. Tp liza punya tak....foundation dia perfect and mmg mantain. The eye makeup pon sgt cantik. *sorry i'm very bad at describing*. Plus, even my hubby asked me not to take off my makeup for ehem ehem....hahahhaha....

sumpit said...

aiseh... jaja ckp camtu, terus terasa nak amik liza. tp dok pikir 2k tu for 3-4 hours (or less)...
penin betol la bab mua ni, i wonder, kat penang takde ke yg ok2? ke diorg ni tak it literate. kalu ada bride yg blog psl diorg pon kira ok dah, tp x jumpa gak... kalu dok kl kan senang.
btw, last week, ada bride kedah sorg import liza, i wonder berapa juta dia spend for the wedding...

sarahsayangjiman said...


i dah tanya lova.lova nak datang perlis dia charge rm900. kalo nak tambah untuk akad nikah..another rm600. :)

ur wedding kat hotel tu kat perlis ke?

sarahsayangjiman said...

i pon ngah try nak book lova, dia tak reply gak lagi..tapi nak gak wat trial makeup. i think kalau nak amik pon..for reception je lah kot. rm1500 mahai gilerrrr..

Moose said...

hahaha. so kinky la your husband. ok i already asked future MIL if she can asked kak sai or liza's sedara mara rate.

kat penang prolly ade yang ok, masalahnya takde exposure. i think the best person to ask is shylla kot. during her e-day she took one of penang's MUA and untuk nikah pun sama tapi tak jadi. then she fly lova to penang. bride kedah amik liza tu sure went all out for her wedding..aiyoo serious pening kepala.

lova tak balas lagi msg/sms i. :(
ni rate yang you dapat ni including transportation and accommodation ke? isk isk 900 tu a lot. i dont want to waste money just like that..
reception dekat hotel tu tandang. dekat perlis home reception je. nak buat dekat dewan initially tapi my dad veto-ed off the idea.

Moose said...

your reception dahla sama. boleh tak kita amik lova sama2? haha mau terkejar2 si lova tu..

sarahsayangjiman said...

tu la...hmmm..alamak..itu nak kena verify balik..takut salah baca msg dia termasuk ke tak.

haha..semalam terfikir gak camtu..kalo dia leh manage utk dua orang satu event..takpe lah..

brid3ofkayangan said...

dear i'm also from perlis...yup susah nak dpt known MUA there....do share u ambik sapa nanti eh...i'm also searching for my w-day....

ddiana said...

hi..masa reception my husband's side dkt penang haritu i ambik jumie shamsudin. maybe u can check her blog. price lower than kl punye rate

Lina Shuib said...

kak ram & alfad both dr kedah ke? pls pls nak contact no dorang :D
u can mail to roslina.shuib@gmail.com

thanks in advance!

sumpit said...

eh, ye la. how come I've never heard of this alfrad b4?
Kalu dia oraits, share2 la info yer ;)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Sorry for the late reply babe. You can get in touch with GIA(Giebam) at this number: 012-7558415

You can also check out his blogspot. There's a link on my page to his blog.. Good luck!