The Skinny Jeans

Oh how fickle fashion can be!

Not so long ago, we were told to safely stick to bootcut jeans because it flatter your body shape. Now we are told that skinny jeans are back and they're so IN right now esp. the grey ones. If you think that your thighs are as big as a log and don't think that you can carry the look, just forget about it. It need a real courage to be able to look and feel good in 'em. Match it with bold heels or pumps, and voila, you have the look. Kate Moss, who kickstarted the trend, is among those who can really flaunt them!

But I'm lovin' the one that Brittany Murphy's had on her!! I love how she style up her skinny jeans. The college-student-style really sparks the 'it' jeans!!

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reena said...

Oohh..love love love skinny jeans.But never like boot cut jeans tho.Memang dari dulu suka cutting bawah kecik.Hehe.