FAQ: Shopaholic

What is actually a shopaholic?

Shopaholic is someone who suffer from psychological behaviour in which the tendency to splurge on something unnecessary is high. In other words, a shopaholic is someone who is a bit impulsive and compulsive when it comes to purchase something. A shopaholic is also defined as compulsive shopper. However there is a fine line between a shopaholic and a brandholic. A brandholic is someone who buys and splurge on only branded things impulsively, while a shopaholic normally buys everythings; be it branded or not.

What are the benefits of being a shopaholic?

Being a shopaholic definately has a lot of benefits such as having an enormous collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, always being ahead in fashion and trends and being peer's muse.

What is the side effects of being a shopaholic?

Until now, there is no significant (bad) side effects of being a shopaholic. However a shopaholic is known or prone to max out the usage of one's credit card(s), extensive wardrobes/shoe racks, and sometimes suffer from stress of getting into a debt.

If I'm a shopaholic, where can I get some help?

You can dial 1-800-Help!-I'm-a-shopaholic to get some help. But it's best if you just keep quiet and enjoy yourself for being one.

Can a shopaholic be cured?

Yes, it can. But it can take some time for a shopaholic to be fully cured. In some cases, it takes miracles for a shopaholic to fully recover. Nevertheless, it is important for a shopaholic to try.

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