Sorry, the service is no longer available.

Kindly noted that The Shopaholic Diaries will no longer be serving its purpose as an active blog, pronto. The self-proclaim Shopaholic doesn't have any interest to share her thoughts or show her true emotions and vulnerability to a passing cyber-stranger anymore. Furthermore she have a 1.75 m baby to attend, if not 24/7, it still gonna occupied her most of her free time. Jugling between her passion for fashion, (online) shopping activities and her hectic yet boring student life had proven her that maybe she need to take a (while) break from blogging world, that is, until she had fully decided on her next moves. But until then it's (maybe) the end of the blog.

This service is brought to you by the Shopaholic Organization. For further information, please call the 1-800-gimme-a-freaking-break-y'all toll free. Thank you.

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