I'm 'Miss You Wanna Pieces Of Me'

Oh my dear Brit, (can I call you Brit btw?) It is fascinating how you've turned from:

the bubbly kinda innocent baby hit me one more time (with that basketball)

to then,

I'm all sexy/slutty and slave for you

I know that your love/marriage/motherhood aren't all so rainbow and sunshine, but do you have to do this?

and after the all parties with Miss Paris 'heiress-no-more' Hilton clan in Hollywood came to no success, you decided to attempt suicide? Furthermore checked yourself out from psychiatric ward after only a week treatment when you supposed to be there for 2 weeks?

What were you thinking Brit? Go and checked yourself in rehab or something, isn't it trend right now? Everybody in Hollywood is doing it, go honey. Even Miss Winehouse who once firmly said "They tried to make me go to rehab and I say No,No,No" are saying "Yes,Yes,Yes" right now. Go now before it's too late.

Lesson learned: You can acted (or be) like a crack but make sure you leave your house with cute shoes on. Yes, Brit, I'm all green. I.Want.Your.Shoes.

Yes, I'm back but not for long. From now on I can only write once a while but I'm sure no one's miss me though.


yanny said...

she needs a time-out.

stay at home britney, pls.

reena said...

Hey, me miss t.s.d okayy.

Britney? Err..no comment la dia ni.Tak terkata apa.