Shiny Legging

A pair of shiny legging from American Apparel is always on my wish list but a girl gotta be realistic here, right? because spending 42€ solely on a pair of legging is not exactly on top of my list. So imagine my delight when I saw these at H&M online store yesterday with a price so affordable, that it's a crime to pass. But my dream had shattered because they're only be available at end of October, which make no sense for me even to buy it, as I might not be around (well, we're only talking about possibility here, it has yet to be confirmed) here anymore. Now I'm still thinking whether or not I should buy them from AA since I entitled 15% discount from their online store for being a student (yes, the perks as a student). But then again I might as well buy their Le Sac dress, a drape dress with an endless ways to wear!, it worth every penny.

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