More Excuses For Not Updating (Teil Eins)

Living in a foreign country is a hard thing, but when your better half is going back to Malaysia for good and leaving you behind, it makes thing even harder. Yes, my boyfriend is officially an engineer and is now, I believe happily gorging every single edible food found in Malaysia while I'm still here, cramming every poor braincells of mine, doing my final project which I honestly don't know when gonna end. So if the blog lacks update, you know why.

I can't blog about what outfit-I-wore today as I purposely don't dress up to work, mainly because:

  • my co-workers don't dress up and I don't feel like being judge for being "overly" dressed to work.
  • I valued every minute of my sleep in the morning, which I guess explains it all.
I am too stressed out about the whole project that sometimes I don't bother about trivial stuff like do my shoes match with my handbag, or is that stain I spotted on my jeans? Hmm..

So there, are all my excuses. I'll keep y'all updated whenever I have time or had found another excuse.

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