Confession of A Teenager Drama Queen Shopaholic

I have confession to make...

*deep breath*

so here it goes....

(scroll, scroll)

Hi, my name is Moose (*wave* *wave*) and I'm shamely admit that I'm no longer a shopaholic!


It's been forever that I bought anything (ok, exaggerate) and the day I got together with my then boyfriend turn ex-boyfriend turn boyfriend (bape kali break-up? jangan tanya) I've limited myself from any (impulse) shopping! I don't know if this is good (sign) or not, but I don't think this blog deserves the name The Shopaholic Diaries anymore. Maybe I should change it to,
The (No Longer) Shopaholic Diaries?

p/s: the blog also had become more and more a personal blog than I initially thought.


" NoBoDy " said...

haha..seriously? not a shopaholic aymore? ermmm *coughDoubt it!*cough

nway,,Nov is around the corner..when r u goin back for good?

Moose said...

munie: I don't know. maybe the 2nd week of nov.? I rarely shop for myself nowdays esp. when i'm out with him. Like you dont know him?