Lebai Malang

Today is definitely not my day. First, somebody rammed into my car's back door. Then I went to workshops to get the repair quotation on the damages and accidentally stained my white shirt and working pants!

Sigh, what a day.

After much phone calls to the insurance company, I think it's not worth to claim from them. Afterall the cost of repair is still below RM500, if I insist on claiming from the insurance company, it will affect my NCB (or something) when I renew the insurance later. So upon advice from my dad, it's better if I fork the money from my pocket rather than claim it from insurance.


Seriously, if I know the devil, I'll rammed my car into the person's leg. Marah ni marah! I can menyumpah berbakul-bakul kalau my bf tak calm me down.

Another sigh.

And today I was frantically searching for my purse. Which after much searching, I concluded that I either miss-placed it or accidentally/stupidly left it in the gym or somewhere. I was at the verge of breaking into tears when I entered my car and saw it on the car seat! Dahla pintu kereta tak kunci!! How careless can I be??!!

Maybe it's time to take a deeo breath and relax?

Can anyone recommend me a good spa or massage that I can go to?


reena said...

Yeahh..I think u really need to take a deep breath..Sabo ye. Tapi kalau jadi kat i, mau jadi cam u gak. Huhu.

Alamak..Tak pasti la spa2 kat KL ni..Tak penah pi pun..

d i y a n a said...

u better go to chiang mai. hehhehe. Best and murah spa di sananaaaa.

hmm pasti dah tadak duit kan, so kat mana nak pi pun xsure.