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The Shopaholic, the rest is secret.

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The Shopaholic Diaries

Finish this sentence: 'My Blog is about' …

My Blog is mainly circulated around fashion,trends and everything in between. Occasionally it also can be a medium for me to express the utterly disgusted feeling upon seeing a fashion disaster. In other way I like to think of it as a journal I use to show off my style and my strong opinion about fashion, the way I know and like about it.

Do you usually change your look (clothes
or hairstyle)?

Sometimes. I'm in process of finding the style that suite my taste. Like for example, I'm now really into vintage clothing and styles that I can come
up with.

Favourite item in your wardrobe:

At this moment, it would be this gorgeous knee-high vintage leather boots that I got from Ebay. Did I mention that Ebay is a good place to find a bargain and vintage stuff? It goes well with any outfit that I had on. Grreeeaatt!

Knee-high Vintage Leather Boot

What would you never wear?

It would be a tie between crazy bright neon coloured outfit and whole animal printed look from head to toe. It just too much to handle! And not forgetting the diamonds/crystals encrusted and army pattern jeans/pants/top.

Favourite Autumn Winter 2007/2008 Collection:

Balenciaga!!! The whole collection is utterly we
arable!! It’s easy to recreate our own Balenciaga look-a-likes with the stuff we have back home!! And also Ralph Lauren just b'cos it's simple and so chic. You can never underestimate simplicity.

Favourite Designer:

Carolina Herrera always had become my fav designer when it comes to dresses. And ah! The Meister (Karl) Lagerfeld.

This season Must-Have:

Big sunglasses!! and wide legged pants. The spring/summer 2008 look is safari meets ethnic.

An accessory you can’t live without:

Handbags. I'm totally a handbag person. Not too keen on other accessories though.

A trend to adopt :

Vintage chic. It doesn't cost much money. You just have to have the guts to rummage through your mom's closet and oh your grannies too. :)

Do you wear make up everyday?

Nope. Sometimes I’m just too tired (or late) in the morning to do so, but I’ll definitely slap on some moisturizer before going out!

What make up product (s) you can't live without?

Mascara and lipgloss, in general.

Do you change fragrances regularly?

Yes, sometimes I just need a certain frangrace for certain mood that I had at that moment. My fav fragrances would be DKNY Be Delicious Green and Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charm. Probably I'll be getting Marc Jacobs Daisy some time soon.

Who is your favourite fashion icon?

Nicole Richie, after the magic touch of her stylist, Rachel Zoe.

Nicole Richie

If you had to choose a year to live, from the last century, what would it be and why?

I love the 70-ies. It is the era of make love, peace and not war. I love the hippie style,(not the culture and the free-sex thinking they had though) and the whole bohemian look. It is full of colour and freedom.

Do you have any beauty secrets you want to share?

Heat your eyelash curler shortly before you curl your eyelashes with it and you don't even need to apply any mascara afterwards. It instantly make your eyes pop and a good tip when you always running late in the morning like me!

You never live home without …

My mobile, wallet, and lip balm.

Last fashion purchase:

I just got this gorgeous knee-high vintage leather boots and I'm loving it!!!

What music is playing in your Ipod?

A mixture!! I listen to all kinds of music like jazz, blues, rock, soft rock, pop, rap etc etc etc.

Favourite restaurant in your city?

A kebap place where my friends and I hang out every week after/before we did our groceries shopping, boring I know but I live in a small town. What else you have here?

Favourite foreign city/country?

LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!. You can find anything there, and also KL, being the true Malaysian that I am. :)


Swimming, reading, skating and of course shopping! Sometimes I love reading fashion forward blogs to find out some style that I could turn into my own.

Favourite song:

There’s too many to list down but of course that would have romantic oldies from Sinatra or Tony Bennett. Hearing them always makes me melt.

Now I would like to tag any blogger out there who reads my blog.

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