For The Love Of Vintage

Since I'm so into vintage clothing right now, I've been hunting some vintage stuff(s) on Ebay like a mad woman lately. So here's some of interesting pieces that I found:

Oxford pattern pump from the 60-ies
(I love the sturdiness of the heels)

Nude coloured pump (year unknown)

Hippie dress from the 70-ies
(update: a buyer place a higher price than me!ARGH!) 

Vintage Leather Sling Bag from the 80-ies

I'm also planning on hitting a second hand shop here in the town that I accidently discovered a few weeks ago and also the flea market that takes place every weekend (or is it every two weeks?) here, only the problem is that I don't know the exact place. I haven't pay a visit to the second hand shop yet so I don't know what to expect, whether or not they have vintage clothing that wearable or just a bunch of junk but I'm hoping that I could at least find something. Ebay is a good reliable source to find vintage items, but the only problem is that you have to sometimes compete with other buyer or else end up not having the item you want.

So I really really really hope that my *ehem* bidding skill(s) work its way...somehow.



dear, great finds on e-bay, love them all, hope u'll win them yah? when are u going thrift shopping...? remember to posty the buys..

Moose said...

hi there! i really really want the oxford pattern pump so badly, might as well pray for me ya? :)


will do hun..