For The Love Of Vintage Part II

I did paid a visit to the second shop and boy, was I disappointed! The shop was exactly like it was supposed to be, a second hand shop. A place where people sold their unwanted things and I tell you, really unwanted things. It's very small, so small that the shopkeeper and I barely could move around the same clothes racks. Choices of clothes are not wide, and barely fashionable. Just a piece of baggy old material hanging. However they not only sell clothes but other stuff like porcelain ware, a few shoes, bags and small items like brooches, hat needles etc. Although I'm kinda disappointed I do find a shoe that's adorable and a few belts that caught my attention.

(Note to self: Must go there again, to try the shoe on and check out the belts)

And yes, this is so unlikely me, but I want to post my purchase of the day!
The Nicole Richie Blouse

The Nicole Richie Blouse that I've drooling forever is finally on sale! And I got it for 20€ less. Yay! I worn it with a black turtle neck shirt underneath, a wide black belt, blue-ish denim like leggings and vintage leather boots.

This not even the purchase of day, but I feel like posting it anyway. I bought this vintage 70ies dress a long time ago, even before the my craze about anything/everything vintage started. I've been wearing it mainly as a nighties. But then the print is so cute and I can also wear it as a day dress. I wear a belt around the waist as the dress is a lil bit shapeless. I'm thinking of ripping off the ruffles collar around the neck as I find it rather "distracting" and might as well remove the two pockets around the hip area (I dont know if you can see it) but then they look kinda cute, so I might keep them that way. What do you think?

p/s: On a totally different note, I find myself fat in these pictures!!



i soo soo love the nicole top and the flow of it as u belted it!! was sad that could find anything there..(at the thrift shop) dear..
i would maybe keep the ruffle around neck, but then again i couldnt see it clearly, and as for the pockets, yup, yup, those are keepers..

reena said...

Oh my..I love vintage too..Tapi kat Penang ni susah sangat nak carik vintage stuffs.

Moose said...

@reena: try the antique store. they should at least hv something or even bundle shop.