Fashion Faux Pas

I'm sure some of you have your own fashion no-no or faux pas. Here I listed some of my trend's no-no (the one that I could think of right now, that is)

  • Ugg Boots

    No matter how comfy this lil devil looks like, I just can't bear the thought of parading it proudly in public. It's like wrapping and dragging your leg with a brown furry frumpy material. And there's actually a reason they name it Ugg boots because it's freaking Ugg(ly). Go figure.

  • Crocs

    Now don't get me even started on this one. Yes we all know that Crocs are lightweight, make your feet breath yadda yadda yadda. Even I also have to admit that the design is getting better but that doesn't stop me from putting Crocs in the list. But who would wanna wear something that's so plastic, so strikingly coloured outside their toilet? I know I won't! If I rule the world, I'd authorized anyone who wear Crocs in the public will be shot dead. It's a (fashion) crime, for God sake!

  • Shoulder pad

    I know that in fashion the trends are cyclical. Which means eventhough you thought that you are so over with everything that is 80-ies, some people are just don't? Shoulder pads are great for some who (thought) need that push up around the shoulder, it's like the Wonderbra for the shoulders, funny heh? But then again, it's totally disturbed me when people overdone it esp. with baju kurung/kebaya. I just don't get it, what are they trying to do? Look like a linebacker perhaps?

A linebacker proudly wear his version of baju kurung

  • Colour splash, colour clash

    I don't know if you ever heard of this rules or not. It goes like, thou shalt not wear more than 3 colours on the same outfit. Although I did see it works on some but I just don't think it does ever works for me without ending up like coming out of a box of Buncho. And one more thing, as I'm wearing headscarf, my rule goes like, thou shalt not wear pattern scarf with pattern. It might looks charming on some, but just not on me.

What is your fashion faux pas?


reena said...

Yeah.Ugg boots is a no-no unless u're Kate Moss.Haha.Crocs too.Euwww..

One of my fashion faux pas is fake stuffs (handbags/sunglasess etc).For me kan, sapa yang pakai fake stuffs ni, secara automatic tulis 'FASHION VICTIM' kat their dahi.Hehe.

fashionasia said...

ah...finally someone who agrees with me about the overrated crocs!
teeheee...though i kinda like the newer designs too..

Moose said...

@reena: yup, i agree, but Kate Moss or not, it still Ugg(ly).

@fashionasia: Crocs's new design definately getting better, but I won't succumb to that! haha

Moose said...

@reena: regarding wearing fake stuff, i do think the same too! i even had a heated argument about it with le bf too as well, i can be strong opinionated sometimes. i have rules about it, thou shalt not wear fake stuff,if thou can't afford it?

yanny said...

i hate ugg boots!

n shoulder padsssss! urgh.

n yeap! fake stuffs..just gotta agree on this one!
i dont get peeps yg suke beli n wear fake branded stuffs..
confusing..is it just for show?

Moose said...

@yanny: rules of if you don't have it, fake it doesn't apply here. :) Well, according to le bf, some ppl just apparently love the design, not the brand name. apparently.