Santa Claus Mailman is coming to town

Look what Mr. Santa has for me today?!! Ok that was lame, let me rephrase;
Look what the mailman has for me today?

Hmm, Jimmy Choo's maroon box, nice, but what's inside?

Tada..presenting my first Choos!! I got them for a small fraction of the original price (like, seriously cheap! lucky me!) at Ebay. Personally I think Ebay is the most magnificent, wonderful and great human invention after fire. Ok maybe human doesn't really invent fire but y'all know what I mean, right? No words can described how grateful I am. Many of my treasured personal items come from (the hard work of bidding at) Ebay. For example, you can buy designers items at a small fraction of its original price, like who cares if it's a or 2 season(s) behind, I don't know if some of you care, but I certainly don't. I consider myself as *cough* trendy and have a sense of style *cough* but I definitely not a fashion victim like *cough* Siti Nurhaliza *cough*. There's a huge different between those two. I know it's stupid and kinda lame for me to publish this kinda post, but I don't really care and besides a girl shopaholic has to do what a girl shopaholic has to do right? And what a true shopaholic has/must to do right now is to parade in the whole room with her new Choos on.

This is the story of a girl,
Who crazy about shoes,
But she definitely never been crazier,
than the day when she received her Choos.

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yanny said...

or a manolo!!!!!!!!!