Baby, It's Cold Outside

..during this time of year. We're here only 3 days away before winter officially begin and semester break! Oh I can't wait for this semester break as I'm rather stressed out with finals, assignments and whatsnot! Last week I finally had stored away all my summer clothing as the weather is getting colder day by day and it's impossible to look cute in your summer dress without turning blue, well you know what I mean. Here I put up my ideal warm and comfy yet stylish version of winter wear:

The key look is layer, layer and lots of layering..

[L-R: Woll Coat
, White Woll Dress ,Grey Long Cardigan, Skinny Jeans (all from H & M), Slouched Suede Boots by Bettye Muller (as seen at Bergdoof Goodman)]

..the boots are kinda similiar to the ones that I have but mine is bought at Flea Market in Amsterdam.

I guess that's all for now, as I'm running late for class! Till then, as the people here say, Tschüss! And oh for all the readers out there, here's a song from Ray Charles & Betty Carter : Baby It's Cold Outside. There's a lot of version of this song but this is the one that I like the most. Enjoy!

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