Malaysia Tanahairku

Alhamdullilah, I safely arrived in Malaysia on Sunday, last week.
Albeit that:
  • my name being called for more than 5 times at Frankfurt Airport and at KLIA (tak pasal2 glamer)
  • I have to re-pack my baggage at the check-in counter for my bag had exceeded the limit of 30kg. I hate makcik-rambut-sama-kaler-style-lain2 at the check-in counter (inside jokes)
  • i don't/can't sleep in the plane for the straight 12hours flight, which is so unusual of me.

I'm now in job hunting mode, which is hard when your job qualification is as exotic as Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane in Python leather. apakah?
Hunt hunt.


" NoBoDy " said...

nak aku kem salam macik tuh kalau terrrrjumpa??


Moose said...

oh please dong..i freaking hate makcik itu!