Shopaholic No More

After much deliberation and consideration, I’ve decided to end this blog. Ok maybe not totally end it, maybe just changing the URL address. Reasons being:

  • I am no longer a (self-proclaim) shopaholic. I was never a shopaholic, truth to be told. It was a phase that I was going through at that time, hence the name.

Lesson 1: This is what living in Germany for 5 years did to you. If you were to mention that you like shopping, the Germans will take you for granted for the rest of your life.

  • I am a grown woman (now). I no longer want to be associated with a blog name that sounds like a chic lit book title.
  • I am not a bimbo. Never is and never will be.

Lesson 2: Being bimbo is never good, unless you want to have a double page nude spread in Playboy and live in a mansion with a 80 year old playboy(a).

I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now for as far as I could remember. I started blogging way back in 2004 and this used to be a place where I jot down useless craps, rant randomly (but not so anonymously) and also a medium for me to express my suppressed angst and anger after a (then) bad break-up with H. I never admit this to H, even after we’re back together, that the main reason I created this blog was all because of him. Hey, I was having a major emotional turbulence back then!

Lesson 3: Never messed up a woman’s emotion. She can be the writer from hell if she wants.

If I can recall, I’ve already change the address twice. One was taken from my initial and one was my login ID and now this, The Shopaholic Diaries. If you asked me why, I don’t know. Maybe after a while I get tired of having people that I know read what I wrote. It’s like I’m stripping myself bare and its leaving me feeling insecure. The other reason being I want my identity to be unknown. In other words, I want anonymity. Anonymity gives me the freedom and pleasure that I crave from this so-called cyber world. Not being criticized and judged whenever I made mistakes be it language-wise or life-wise. That also explain why I don’t have any (clear) full frontal image/picture of me.

Am I being weird for wanting to be anonymous yet at the same time want to blog?


d i y a n a said...

moose..hye there..aku maseh ingat hg..dah balek perlis?..lamanya duduk germany..hopefully sihat..hihiih..

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