Moose Is Finally Hitched Herself Up

Effective 1st June 2009, I'll be based in Subang Jaya - the hometown of H. And no, we're not getting hitched (not yet). I just received an offer and confirmation letter from The Company a while ago.

How do I feel about it? Grateful and blessed, and also a bit relieved. When you've been jobless for about 5 months you'll know the feeling. The salary is not what I expected, for I had to lower down my bar. Nonetheless, I am okay with it. In life you can't always get what you what and I learn to live by that. To get something there are always things that you have to sacrifice. And for me (at this moment) it is money. People say, money is not everything. Alas, our life mainly revolve around it. People killed other people for money. Siblings fought over it. Many friendship and relationship turned sour just because of it.


Now that I've finally secured myself with a job, the next step is to find a decent place to stay. With a (bit) tight budget and working in a urban city like Subang Jaya, I have to be realistic. Instead of finding a cosy (whole) apartment, I have to just settle down for a nice room that has all the basic necessities. And basic means the room/house/apartment got to have refrigerator, washing machine, bed as well as wardrobe. Sounds impossible? Yes, I thought so. But I'm still holding my luck in finding such a dream room below RM500, if that's even possible nowadays.

So, I am happy. Deliriously happy, for I finally get to enter the next level in life - working life.


reena said...

Alhamdulillah.Selamat bekerja ya! :)

Moose said...

reena: Thanks babe!