Nukilan Ketika Bangun Kencing Di Tengah Malam

(Motif letak tajuk macam haram tu? Ya, mencapub moose, mencapub)


Lepak-ed at Starbuck's with H's family about 4 hours ago. It's 30 minutes past 3 in the morning and I had pee like crazy and can't sleep. Thanks to the latte that I drank. You think that there are less than 50% coffee in a latte but apparently it's not, which explain why I'm jotting this crap down.

About a week or two ago, H said something like, I want to make you my perempuan halal along the line, eh is the assam laksa at Jonker's dessert halal? Now, is that a marriage proposal? Or, are you proposing the assam laksa? Now, I am more perplexed than ever.

p/s: Before any of you could jump into a conclusion, you're not hearing any wedding bell. Not just yet. But I love this song to be played on my wedding day though.

rendition of Hold Me Tight (The Beatles)

Please excuse me, I need to empty my bladder for umph-th time! Adoi la!

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