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..before we celebrate Hari Raya!!

I just wanna wish all of you, a Selamat Hari Raya, Eid Mubarak, Bayram Mubarek Olsun!!!

Drive safe and have a safe journey ahead. Jangan bawak kereta, motosikal even basikal laju-laju. Takkan lari rendang, lemang, nasi impit, lauk-pauk, kuih, biskut raya dan duit raya yang dikejar. Don't overstuff and overkill yourself with good food that we have during this festive season. Eat moderately. Think of your health (and waistline) too.

I am still in Subang as I'm typing this away. My flight is at 5pm. That is another 5 hours. I still haven't pack anything, ok I lied, not fully pack my bag(s). So till then, have a merry Eid Mubarak ahead.

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