Hari Raya Story

This year Hari Raya is my first raya with my family after 5 years of celebrating it with just friends (and foe) when I was oversea. Yet, the funny thing is that I don't feel any excitement nor eagerness. I was more excited about raya when I was in Germany since that would be the day where I can finally gorging on some good Malaysian food without having to cook them myself, dressed to the nines in our raya clothes (send in by our beloved family back home). It is also the day where I got to meet my friends and have a good time with them.

We, the students in a way is a one big family. We take care of each other and share our problems together. If anyone of us got into troubles, trust me words will spread around. Stories, be it bad or good will be shared and no details will be spared.

One of the things that I love during hari raya in Germany is that for the whole Syawal month, each town or student settlement will be organizing a 'rumah terbuka' or open house. Sometimes, there'll be 2 or more town organizing an open house for the same weekend. So, we have to choose which one that provide best food that we wanna go to. We'll clad in our colourful baju raya, while the Germans looking at us in a weird way. Trust me, I always get the look whenever I clad in my stilettos, wearing kebaya and sarong. Did I say even during autumn where the temperature can drop to 5 degree?

This year I'll be celebrating raya in (hopefully) a moderate way. Baju raya pun ada 2 saja. If not there'll be only one baju raya kalau my dearest mother tak semangat-semangat nak ber'theme' ala-ala boria di pagi raya. We'll be celebrating raya in Kuching the whole week, so be prepare to raya sakan as the Sarawakian do. Percaya that, they'll clad in raya clothes sampai raya kelima, ok! Tahun ni, I have to give duit raya, there goes $$$ untuk berkahwin tahun depan. But, I will only give to my siblings, my cousin (yang belum kerja) and my cousin's children. The good thing about raya in Sarawak is that they don't have the tradition of giving duit raya to anyone other than family members! Horey!! Selamat duitku. Ok, what else for raya? Kasut raya there'll be none sebab I erm, buy shoes every month? Ngeh ngeh. Besides, my 2 years ago raya shoes is hardly being worn and so does my (Jimmy) Choos. Taknaklah membazir, kata membazir amalan syaitooon.

Oh yeah, semalam I went to Creative Nail Boutique at Subang Parade. Just a simple pedi and (french) manicure for raya. Cost me about RM 50 (pedi AHA Treatment for dry skin) and RM 38 (manicure)+ RM 10 (for french manicure). The service is exactly what you paid for. Very relaxing and I love the way they scrub the dead skins off. Ada massage tangan and kaki. Something which I've never experienced before masa buat pedi mani in Germany. There this lady sat next to me masa buat pedi mani tu keep on sedawa masa they massage both her hands and legs. Sangat kelakar ok! The girl who did my french was very skilled. The white tip (I choose natural, so tak white sangat) is perfect! Bear in mind that I have short nails, so for her to get it right sangatlah amazing and skillful. Tapi me being me, yang sangat klutz and kasar, I accidently terlanggar my thumb nail dekat stereng kereta, masa tu the inside was not fully dried yet. Even diorang pesan to be extra careful. Jadi, the beautiful and perfect french tadi tu jadi not-so-perfect sudah. Aiyoo.. why la everything I touch ke ape have to have flaws? Am I some kind of anti-Midas or something? The same thing goes to my car..huhu (T_T). Sudah sudah jangan dikenang benda yang sudah tercalar-balar terkopak cat semua lepas.

On a brighter note, the company will be closing down the whole week next week. Tapi I have a lot of work to do. Rasa-rasa macam lepas raya, I have to stay back at the office late. I have 5 on-going projects, all need to be submitted on the following week. Gila kan? Before I drove myself to crazy with works, I google my name and ehem, look what I found?






*gelak gelak* This photo was taken for Salam Perantauan Utusan during my first year there. This was way back in 2004. Cuba teka mana satu I? Diyana, sila jangan teka. Haha. Ha, during that time ini jela student Malaysia dekat Sigmaringen tu. 7 perempuan seorang lelaki. The back building tu one of the university blocks. Masa ni autumn or Herbst in German.

This one pulak during second year kot, the seniors and one of our batchmate is not in. Yang ni masuk Metro kalau tak silap. Also was taken during autumn. Cantikkan I the background?

Masuk the third, fourth and fifth year sudah tak heran nak masuk newspaper lagi. Kasi chance la dekat junior-junior yang gila glamour pulak. We already had our fame and share. Chewahh gitu. Eh lupa masa in third year my friend hantar gambar cam-whoring kitorang (patut dan perlukah??) and I got a lot of email "hai, boleh berkenalan?" and I mean A LOOOOTTT!!

Boleh...boleh blah.


syirin said...

haha.. tak de keje google nama sendiri

Moose said...

macamlah tak pernah buat kan...

reena said...

U yang baju purple kannnnn? Kan? Kan?

Moose said...

baju purple gambar 1st ke? bukan... ngeh ngeh.

reena said...

U yg tudung hitam dlm 1st pic tu eh?

Moose said...

yezza, tepat sekali *now lari pergi sorok muka* hikhik