Someone is reaaallllyyy getting on my nerve.

And I can't do anything because:-

a) he is not in excellent state of mind
b) he is "sick" - apparently he "terkena buatan orang", hence the ridiculous and outrageous behaviour.

Sumpah, if only I can get my hands on that person who do this to him, I will smack my 10cm-Balmain-inspired studded heels into that person's brain. Talks about some killer heels eh?

Sabar Moose, sabar.

*Inhale, exhale*


reena said...

OMG i tersilap comment box ke? Hihi.Klu ada komen yng tak sepatutnya u tak yah approve ehh :p Sebenarnya i nak cakap "Tunjuk la kasut tu. Meh nak tengok leh ketuk kepala orang ke tak." Heh.

Moose said...

i dont receive anything pun? kasut tu i beli online nanti i put up the picture!