Muse, Amuse Me

Alexa Chung has always been my muse in fashion. Her sense of fashion is so impeccable and she undoubtly can pull of vintage pieces with ease.

Tell me, who can pull off the innocent school girl look without even looks juvenile? I've been going wagaga over her vintage lacey dress for so long and until few days ago I bought one!

Another muse of mine is this petite, queen of bohemian look, Nicole Richie. Not only she lost a tremendously amount of weight, she also lost her hideous coloured hair extension as well as the ridiculous sense of fashion. Hail to the Queen!



Isk, beg Chanel merah pujaan hatiku..

Another muse:
Inilah yang orang cakap pakai apa pun cantik! True fashion icon! Dah tu umur 30++ pun her sense of style is sick!


reena said...

Hey uuu! Fashion idol kita sama laaaa! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie & Kate Moss too! Alexa tu dah la awek vocalist Artic Monkeys tu (They're still together kan?). She can pull vintage look yg i rasa orang lain tak sampai level dia.

Another my fav fashionista is Chanel Iman :)

Moose said...

klo nak ikutkan my muse banyak. tapi mostly blogger yang i dah lama tak baca blog diorg. one of them is karla from karla's closet, susie frm stylebubble,rhiannon frm liebemarlene, sallyjanevintage well just to name a few. celeb muse i tak banyak sebab most of them ada stylist kan, so what they wear kdg2 hasil idea stylist bukan diorg..

d i y a n a said...

aku tiada style idol. Sedih kan.