Gym-Bara, as if in membara-bara aku join gym. Not the lame-ass rock group.

For others impulse purchase is gum, for me impulse purchase is signing a year gym membership.

Yes people. I signed a year gym membership yesterday. What motivates me the most is I couldn't bear the thought of having wobbly jiggly belly anymore *exaggerate mode*

So I braved myself and went to True Fitness branch in Taipan USJ. There I met Orange, the trainer consultant, not the fruit. She showed me the facilities, classes and all the shit. (Cut to the chase, I'm not a fan of writing long blog entry) Oh yeah, she even showed me the ladies changing room and I'm pretty impressed with it. What impressed me the most is the separate workout section only available to ladies and the cute personal trainers. So you can avoid the stare and glare from dirty,perverted men while you're working out.

Then we sat down with one of the trainers and he jotted down all my details i.e. age, height and weight. I weight 53.3 kg people! After that he asked me to hold some kind of thing-amajing that apparently can calculate my body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and BMI.

And here what I get:

Age: 26
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 53.5 kg
Body fat percentage: 27%
BMR: 1249
BMI: 19.9
Looks good right? But sadly no. Though my BMI in in the normal range, my body fat is not. I landed on the fair category which if you look at the table he showed me is a step from falling into the obese group. This definitely not good. For someone who fairly athletic during school days, this is definitely a core shaker for me. I used to be athletic back in school, I used to participate in 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m (during Form 1), relay race, long-jump, javelin throwing and high-jump. How can my body fat be more than what it should be? Apparently you can, by having bad eating habits and stop exercising. The last time I swim was about 5 months ago, that is before I started working. My BMR is also low, for a healthy Asian woman it should be around 1400-1600. The trainer will design my workout scheme that will incorporate both mine and his goal. From what he told me yesterday I need to lower down my body fat % to at least 21-25%, the ideal body fat for women is <18%, increase my BMI to 21-22. The cute trainer that attended me is Shauki, which is very cute, if I may add. He was waiting for me to freak-out when he said that I need to increase my BMI but I didn't because high BMI doesn't mean that you are fat.

BMI is your weight/height(square) so your BMI may be high but fat or not, is all depending on your body fat %. And when you work out, your body fat will gradually turned into muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. So, there you go. And no, women who work out will not be bulky. Our body are not design that way. Unless you take steroid, that is. Or you goal is to win gold medal in the Mr. Universe competition.

The biggest misconception that some of us had is that as long as your BMI is within the normal range, you are healthy. Sadly, this is not true. You can be underweight (BMI <17) but your body fat % can be high. This is why some skinny people have high cholesterol level.

Then we talked about the fee and all. Truthfully I was taken aback by the amount that I should pay. Those who know me really well, tau la I'm a direct and straight forward kinda person. So memang I cakaplah the rate is expensive and ridiculous. I siap cakap that I don't understand why I have to fork out RM580 just for the joining fee. Dahla monthly fee is RM 2xx (can't remember the exact amount). But after much talking and lying I got the discounted rate but I'm no fool, I think they already have some sort of promotion going on. But all my lying is worth it la kan. Wanna know what I told them? I told them that bf just propose to me, that we're getting married next year and the reason why I wanna join the gym is because I wanna look good in my wedding dress. Which is partially true, except for the propose and wedding part. Ngeeeeee. Padahal nak perut flat sexy macam Nicole PCD and Madonna's toned arms. Tapi takdelah cakap macam tu, karang kena apala-perasan/berangan-sangat-minah-ni looks pulak.

Jadi, lepas ni siapa-siapa nak join gym and nak dapat rate murah bolehla guna alasan ni. Tapi sila jangan guna di True Fitness Taipan ok. Dekat gym lain takpe. I'm giving myself 4-5months to see the result. That is, if I truly and fully dedicate myself which Insya Allah I'm giving my best. Bayar mahal-mahal sekali tak pergi, memang harus aku ketuk kepala dekat threadmill tu.


d i y a n a said...

hahaha. aku ada dengar pasal true fitness tu. huhuhu. kena pikiaq dua kali kalau nak pegi coz ada komitmen lain la. huhuhu


Moose said...

komitmen ape cik kak? i'll try to make this as my other commitment. wah berkobar-kobar semangat aku

reena said...

I tak nak join gym sbb ongkosnye lahh. Tp klu i org kaya, konfem i join punya. Huhu. Pastu kan, i takut klu pi bayaq mahal2 tp x komited pi gym. Tp mmg bagus gym ni sbb ada (cute) trainer (ni yg penting) & what not semua. Lg satu sbb ialah ex bf i yg mcm celaka tu keja gym kt png. Hahaha..

Moose said...

i baru tau yang you boleh nego the monthly fee dengan diorang. damn! *ketuk kepala dekat threadmill* my bf told me last night, that kawan dia punya fee is only RM70 compared to mine. i insya allah akan komited sebab fikir dah bayar mahal2 kan, jadi akan rasa rugi kalau tak pergi. tula masa i register tu baru sedar yang trainer semua good looking..

d i y a n a said...

berkobar-kobar ya. hahahha. hang dah kurus, so kena tambah berat? OMG, sila amik lemak2 di peha aku. hehhe.

Komitmen kerja, then kalau betul-betul free, baru aku join gym.

Hg tera senamrobik tak? aku nak ajak hg jadi trainer senamrobik. hehehe

Moose said...

tambah berat as if in muscle mass ye bukan lemak. aerobic tak terer. my coordination sangatlah teruk, sila jangan amik aku jadi trainer aerobic..

d i y a n a said...

hahaha. amik jadik model kening dah la.

ngeh3. bandingkan aku as sebelum, and hang as selepas.