HFairy Tale

Facial hair, facial hair go away come another day or better yet, never come back!

Hi, my name is Moose and I'm very anal about facial hair.

(bunyi cengkerik)

Facial hair la, not anal. Haisssh.

It started innocently when I decided to get rid of all the unwanted facial hair. So what I did was, I went to the Indian saloon and asked them to do threading on the upper lip area and eyebrow and wallah from Frida Kahlo I transformed into Megan Fox. Gituh!

Now, I'm getting a bit obsessed on getting the perfect bush-free eyebrow that 2 weeks ago I went to STRIP , a waxing saloon in Sunway Pyramid to get my brows done. To my surprise, I was told that my brows are too thin and need no waxing. What? But don't you see that the (baby) hair has started to grow back? So, the waxer just trimmed and shaped my brows instead of waxing. That was 2 weeks ago and just now in the office's ladies, I saw the hairs started growing back and I really hate it. And the growth on the upper lips annoys me the most because I can't tweeze them because they hurt like hell. And Bangsar is so far away and traffic is like mad so I can't possible go there during lunch hour. (Oh yeah, I rather not eat than having an excessive unwanted facial hair)

I believe hair should not grow except on places where they should be like, on the top of your head and on the brows or you'll look like an alien.

Though she would be a hot alien.

I know that some women have a lot of hair on their face compared to others. It's all had to do with hormones, genes and race. They say, they say la kan that if you have Indian blood or Sikh, you are tend to be hairy than others. This is however is not a racist statement ok. But I don't have any Indian/Sikh blood in me yet I still have to tweeze, pluck and thread every fortnight. Why oh why??!! Surprisingly my legs are not that hairy, oh well maybe due to constant shaving and DIY waxing kot. I am very conscious about this hairy-matter because when I was in secondary school this mulut-takde-insurans/celupar batchmate of mine said directly to my face; "Moose, ko ada misai la" and my answer was; "Babi-lah ko".

Yes, I was foul-mouthed and still am. But I try to control that very hard if I may add. Bf doesn't like that trait of mine and I don't either, honestly. I say less 4-letter-words these days. Eh, come to think about it, why all the bad (swear) words are made up from 4 letters? Fuck, babi, p*ki (this I never say in my whole life because it downgrades the women-dalam nak mencarut sempat jadi feminist), shit, k*te (ni pun I never say). Tu je kot contohnya. (padahal banyak lagi, malu nak show-off vocab mencarut. haha)

And I'll never forget the day my friend ask me, is it normal to have hairy nipples?

Errr, yes but only if you have a set of dangling balls and dick..

p/s: I'm itching to try Brazilian waxing. The girl at STRIP keep on promoting me to do it. Ish, but I'm very shy to show "that" part to others..


Zetty said...

aiyoyo, threading sakit giller ok. hari tu buat threading siap mengalir air mata. drama! i rather go for trim, sebulan sekali. memang the facial hair cepat tumubuh balik if trim jek, tapi i cannot tahan the pain.

salute to u, babe!

Moose said...

hoho.my pain threshold is quite high. i believe beauty is pain, no pain no gain. gituh! haha. the threading pain is for still bearable la. takdela sakit sangat. tapi klo upper lips tu sakit sikit la

reena said...

LOL. Good topic. Dulu masa pakai mini skirt rajin arr have kaki. Skang kureng. I plak lantaklah bulu kening i serabut cam hape. 1st & last time i cukur (ye tau dosa) when i was 18 ke 19. Pastu SERIK!!!!! Tak buat dah threading ke, tweese ke hape ke. Tp baru ni gatai tangan pi cabut sendiri kening dengan jari je, pastu kening 'cacat' sebelah. Huhu. I upper lips pun ada jugak.Suka caut sendiri dengan jari jugak. dia x byk, halu2 tp blh cabut guna jari je. Haha. Eh, pasal carut vocab tu pun i perasan gak.Semua 4 letters word. Haha. My fav: Fuck, babi, sial, shit. Lg satu fav (blh plak fav2 maki ni.LOL) is 'mcm haram'. Oh, bila u tulis hairy nipples tu kan, terus i check nipples i. Hahahahaha!

Moose said...

haha. ada hairy nipples tak? haha. pasal cabut kening tu ada orang cakap haram tapi yang i tau (dr. mashitah) cakap it's ok to trim the eyebrow as long as you don't shave it all off dan mengekalkan bentuk asal kening. sekarang ni i selalu cakap sheisse (English:shit) je.sebab fuck is way too not normal untuk cakap selalu. advantages of belajar bahasa asing kan, menambahkan vocab mencarut. haha apakah?

reena said...

Aha! Good idea. Pasni i pun nak belajar la mencarut dlm bhs asing. LOL.

d i y a n a said...

aku lupa nak baca topic ni sehinggalah ke harini.

1. saya tergolong dalam golongan banyak bulu. hahahha. misai tu dah selalu sangat cabut. then ketiak, maid kakak saya tlg cabutkan. (dalam hati ada plan nak bukak kedai cabut bulu ketiak- RM20)

2. maki hamun tu dah stop cumanya paling popular hanya menyebut shit atau Tahi kepada org2 tak guna. Lagi satu, MANGKUK!!

hahhaha.Bila marah org PLUS mencarut tu akan ada timbul satu kepuasan dalam diri. Tapi seelok2nya takyahlah mencarut ye..

Insafffff (T_T)

reena said...

diyana: Maid kakak hg cabut bulu ketiak hg??? Apakah? Biaq btoi wei. Haha. Psl mangkuk tu mmg ah. Aku tgk mangkuk je, aku teringat kat hg.

Moose said...

diyana: terlupa plak nak komen. gila ah maid cabut bulu ketiak.terasa macam raja di zaman silam.haha. betul2 bila marah orang + mencarut rasa puas. that's what i've been telling to my bf.tapi jawapan dia buat aku insaf (kejap). Dia cakap, cubalah cakap benda baik2,puji-pujian kepada Allah ke..isk isk.

sarahsayangjiman said...

moose.i pon sama! oh ive done brazilian wax.once..hehe..once je because i did it a few days before my period and the pain was..UNBEARABLE! sakit nak mampoosss..memang i was screaming my heart out.haha.

Note to self: dont do it a few days before you have your period.memang akan sakit. but its nice to see the result la.

Moose said...

ouch! ngeri plak i dengar you cakap sakit. tapi i ade bace gak yang it is advisable not to do brazillian few days before your menses sebab the skin around that are will be more sensitive. you buat dekat mana babe?

sarahsayangjiman said...

yup. mmg sakit kalo dekat nak period.

i wat kat ampang. belakang ampang point tu ada satu indian saloon. there is an indonesian india that works there. I used to do threading kat situ. so tak malu la dengan dia.

you can choose to do it at the saloon but she goes to your hse as well.

ive moved to damansara so dah tak pegi kat dia dah. nak pegi strip dekat the curve tapi malu lak.

Cieri said...

You know what, perkataan `mangkuk` tu dalam adalah perkataan mencarut dalam bahasa jepun.maksud dia sama ngan `p**i` la.
aku baru perasan.ktorg kontrol la bila nak guna perkataan mangkuk sebab takut kena lempang ngan orang jepun.

my friend pernah,kat sogo tokushima(where I am living now) tercakap mangkuk(dia nak cakap pasal mangkuk y dia pegang time tu) depan sorang makcik jepun.makcik tu pun pandang slek aja...